Taste Test Virtual Shorts Program

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May 17, 2020
6:00pm Central Time
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There's been a change of plans! The Taste Test Virtual Shorts Program is moving to Vimeo Live (vimeo.com/event/51310). Please click this link to join the screening on May 17th at 6 pm CT/7 pm ET. Thank you!

The Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC) is partnering with the Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival (BFSFF) to bring you the Taste Test Virtual Shorts Program! Taste Test is a serving of animated, experimental, and horror short films that center the Black Femme as a global protagonist. The program will be followed by Q&A with BFSFF founder, Nia Hampton, and the filmmakers.

Submissions for the 2020 Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival are currently open. For more information, visit bfsfilmfest.com/.

Featured short films include:

“A Black Girl’s Country” Directed by Nia June

A meditative, healing short film asking: what do you know of a Black girl’s country?

“Lazy Day” Directed by Alicia Robinson

This animated short features a fun day with a little girl and her father before things changed on one fateful day.

“#Miss America” Directed by V.T. Nayani

#MISSAMERICA takes you through the changing journey of one Black woman over different stages of her life.

“Queen of Hearts” Directed by Kyisha Williams & Lindsey Addawoo

A young queen has much to learn about her powers and with the death of her beloved witch doctor she may have to learn faster than she thought.

“Jamie Fulla Grace” Directed by Emily Eaglin

A fun and quirky peak into the life of the amazing Jamie.

“DOLLBABY” Directed by Britt Sankofa

Have you ever thought about how much dolls impacted your childhood? Well, let’s discuss.

“The Women at the end of the World” Directed by Ana Do Carmo

Two femmes by themselves at what seems like the end of times. Will they make it through together?

Video Description

Taste Test Intro Talk

90 minutes


  • Moderator Avatar
    Jasmine Jones

    As Film Consultant for the Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC), Jasmine Jones has curated and marketed a successful film series while managing strategic partnerships with QFest: The Houston International LGBTQ Film Festival, and the Houston Cinema Arts Festival. While at HMAAC, she launched and served as the Co-Director of the Houston African Film Festival, the first African film festival in the city of Houston.


  • Panelist Avatar
    Nia Hampton


    Nia is a multidisciplinary artist who has consistently found community with Black Femme filmmakers in her travels around the world. During her first solo art show "Drapetomania: The Strong Urge to Escape" Nia created and hosted the first Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival as a means to hold space for Black Femme filmmakers all over the world. As an international freelance journalist by trade who has written for sites like DAZED, VICE and Paste Magazine, LA Weekly and the Village Voice. Nia hopes that the festival will travel and meet Black Femme filmmakers where they are, wherever that may be.

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