Girl Model

March 26, 2013
5:00pm Pacific Time
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Welcome and thank you for joining POV and OPB for a special screening of POV's "Girl Model."

"Girl Model" strips away the façade of the modeling industry by following two people whose lives intersect because of it. Ashley is a deeply conflicted American model scout, and 13-year-old Nadya, plucked from a remote Siberian village and promised a lucrative career in Japan, is her latest discovery. As the young girl searches for glamour and an escape from poverty, she confronts the harsh realities of a culture that worships youth — and an industry that makes perpetual childhood a globally traded commodity.

Video Description

Girl Model

This provocative film is a lyrical exploration of youth, beauty and ambition, seen through the eyes of a conflicted American scout and a 13-year-old she discovers.

76min 58sec



  • Rachel Blais

    Rachel Blais has been an international model for over a decade. She met GIRL MODEL co-directors in 2009 while living in Tokyo and since acted as the fashion industry consultant for the film and has been assisting on its development. After attending the film's premiere at TIFF in 2011 Rachel decided to continue her involvement with GIRL MODEL as she became conscious of the need for media literacy about modeling for academics and government members, but mainly for all consumers. Rachel's work, along with her desire to help protecting children models, brought her to develop collaborations with organizations working on these issues. She has served on the model committee for the Trade-Union Equity in the UK and is presently on the advisory board of The Model Alliance in NYC, and she also blogs for the RQASF, a women's health organization supported by the Canadian government.

  • Nancy Schwartzman

    Nancy Schwartzman is a filmmaker, media strategist, and catalyst for social change. She is the director of the documentaries “The Line” and “xoxosms” and the creator of the transmedia anti-violence initiative: The Line Campaign. Her team created the White House Award Winning mobile App “Circle of 6” to empower young people to prevent violence before it happens. The app has over 55,000 downloads and is being used in 26 countries and counting. She created the #NotInvisible outreach campaign for Academy Award nominated documentary “The Invisible War” and consults with filmmakers and non-profits about how to leverage social media for human rights impact.

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