In This Place Screening

February 23, 2021
7:00pm Central Time
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From First Nation to First Generation, follow the unique origin and immigration stories of Northern Minnesotans as they explore their family histories while creating their own impact on our region.

After the documentary, stick around for a live Q&A with a few of the producers of the four unique stories that are told in the documentary.

Thank you to the University of Minnesota Duluth for their support of this event.

In This Place is a part of the Moving Lives Minnesota project, an initiative by the Minnesota Public Television Association and is supported by Minnesota's Arts and Culture Heritage Fund. More at

Video Descriptions

In This Place Welcome Video

Thank you for attending our In This Place Screening! The screening will begin at 7pm.

WDSE WRPT Introduction

For over 55 years to today, WDSE WRPT has been here to educate, inform and connect our community. Watch some highlights from the last year as we look ahead to the next.

Dawn's Welcome Message - In This Place Virtual Screening

Thank you for joining us tonight for the In This Place virtual screening! Throughout the screening, please share your questions with us through the chat box. We'll ask our documentarians and the subjects of the documentary your questions after the show. We hope you'll enjoy the latest documentary from WDSE•WRPT!

In This Place

From First Nation to First Generation, follow the unique origin and immigration stories of Northern Minnesotans as they explore their family histories while creating their own impact on our region. About the Four Stories Featured in In This Place Supper Club Produced by Matthew Koshmrl; Chisolm Co-owners Paul David Marturano and Rob Russo of the Iron Range Supper Club Valentini’s reflect on their contrasting immigrant heritage from Italy and Vietnam, and the roles that their mothers have played in their culinary careers. This documentary explores the passing of immigrant traditions from one generation to the next and the evolution of identity. We Come from the Stars Produced by Missy Whiteman; Northeast Minnesota Missy Whiteman (Northern Arapaho and Kickapoo), explores and connects Dakota, Ojibwe, and Arapaho creation stories, significant sacred sites, and star constellations in this documentary that reflects on where we’ve been to see where we are going. Her story weaves together interviews with elders and wisdom keepers, poetry, music, and star maps to explore these origin stories that are rooted in Minnesotan land. New Horizons Produced by Mike Scholtz; Duluth Meet UMD professor Arshia Khan, who is developing robots to help dementia patients and who recently received a major grant to develop a Home of the Future for dementia patients. A Muslim immigrant from India, Khan has experienced great opportunities to do important work that has the potential to make an international impact on support for people with dementia, while simultaneously experiencing racial and religious discrimination in Minnesota along with her partner. This piece will follow her professional and personal journey as she works on her next innovation. Unweaving Produced by Megan McGarvey; Duluth Follow artist Tia Keo as she goes on a twelve-month journey to discover who she is through an artistic project, Unweaving. During this time Keo used the methodical process of weaving to connect to her Finnish grandmother who fled to the US from the "Great Purge" in Russia. Tia meditates on how ancestral experiences impact descendants, and how knowing the stories of our elders can inform people on who they are in the present.

120 minutes


  • Dawn Mikkelson

    WDSE • WRPT Broadcast Content Manager

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