FRCC Presents: Mr. SOUL!

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February 18, 2021
11:00am Mountain Time
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Welcome to Front Range Community College's screening of MR. SOUL!

Video Descriptions

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Welcome to OVEE

What Is Indie Lens Pop-Up?

Indie Lens Pop-Up is a neighborhood series that brings people together for film screenings and community-driven conversations. Featuring documentaries seen on PBS's Independent Lens, Indie Lens Pop-Up draws local residents, leaders and organizations to discuss what matters most, from newsworthy topics, to family and relationships. Make friends, share stories, and join the conversation. Visit for more.

Filmmaker Introduction

Filmmaker Melissa Hazlip introduces Mr. SOUL!

Mr. SOUL! - Indie Lens Pop Up

In 1968, producer Ellis Haizlip developed a new show aimed at Black audiences, one that used the familiar variety-show format to display and celebrate the breadth of Black culture. For five years, the public television series SOUL! highlighted Black literature, music, and politics, and often paired guests in unexpected juxtapositions that gave them an opportunity to shine in unique ways.

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120 minutes


  • Kalynn Amundson

    Kalynn Amundson is a professor of Sociology and Women & Gender Studies at Front Range Community College


  • Panelist Avatar
    donnie l. betts


    donnie l. betts (lowercase is intentional) is a founding member of two theatre companies in Denver, Colorado, City Stage Ensemble and Denver Black Arts Company. He attended Yale School of Drama. He has noteworthy theater credits in performing and directing. Additionally, he has numerous credits in film, radio, and television, including an Emmy for “My Voice” a film on spoken word artist/actor Jeff Campbell. His purpose as a director/producer is to create work that has an impact on the audience to even have their hearts so moved that they see the productions as a call to action. He deals with subjects like HIV/AIDS, domestic and sexual violence, age and race bias, slavery, health care and housing bias.

  • Panelist Avatar
    Florence Ayers


    Florence Ayers, the Executive Director of the Colorado Black Arts Festival, has given more than three decades to creating and producing the event which now stands as an annual opportunity for thousands to gather and see the talent that exists in Black visual and performing arts. When she was asked to join the organization by her brothers M. Perry Ayers and Oyedele Oginga, the founders of the organization, she was happy to join in because she believed in the mission they wanted to accomplish. The brothers are talented visual artists, and although Florence was not fortunate to be gifted with artistic talent, she is happy and enjoys contributing to the business arm of the organization.

  • Panelist Avatar
    Perry Ayers


    M. Perry Ayers is one of the founders of the Colorado Black Arts Festival. Perry serves as the Artistic Director of the organization and among other things, he responsible for the designing the fresh look of the event every year. Perry and the other founder looked across the community and saw that there were so many outstanding Black artists missing out without venues to perform and show their work, and there were kids growing up not seeing Black artists at work; not understanding the value they bring and knew he wanted to be a part of changing that. So, in 1986 he helped create the organization that has changed a lot of what it set out to change. Now tens of thousands of people converge every year to experience a celebration of Black arts and culture, participate in hands-on arts activities, purchase art, and enjoy the foods of the amazing chefs in our community.

  • Panelist Avatar
    Narkita Gold


    Narkita Gold is an interdisciplinary artist and photographer. Her current exhibit, Black in Denver supports and demonstrates the notion that blackness, and identity in general, is not a monolith. In a society where Black people are often stereotyped and seen as homogenous, the artist hopes to change the narrative, raise awareness about the power of being one’s self, and inspire the practice of self inquiry.

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