WHUT - We Are The Radical Monarch

August 6, 2020
5:30pm Eastern Time
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WHUT Movie Theatre Thursdays – “We Are The Radical Monarchs”, August 6th at 5:30pm

Join us for an online screening of We Are The Radical Monarchs followed by a live discussion, These aren't your everyday second graders — they're the Radical Monarchs! See them in action and on the front lines of social justice.

Meet the Radical Monarchs, a group of young girls of color on the frontlines of social justice. Set in Oakland, California, the film documents the journey of the group as they earn badges for completing units on such subjects as being an LGBTQ ally, preserving the environment and disability justice. We follow the two founders as they face the challenge to grow the organization, before and after the 2016 election.

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120 minutes


  • Adeola O.

  • Mikael LaRoche

  • Krystal - Outreach Manager


  • Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi - Moderator

    A long-time lynchpin in the DC arts scene, Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi shares her time between two passions: cultural architecture and teaching. Kat is a self-defined cultural architect and owner of LiL SoSo Productions, LLC (www.lilsoso.com) where she creates high-quality nightlife experiences, produces and directs conversations on and around progressive culture and aesthetics, and works with artists and creatives of all sorts in a variety of branding and administrative capacities. In addition, she is an associate professor in the English department at Prince George's Community College where she teaches courses in composition writing, specializes in African-American and world literatures and also serves as the college's director for its Book Bridge Project. She is also adjunct faculty at Bowie State University and teaches a course on self promotion and marketing as part of the university's Visual Communication & Digital Media Arts program.

  • Linda Goldstein Knowlton - Filmmaker

    Linda Goldstein Knowlton is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker working in documentary and scripted feature films as well as television. She executive produced “Dream, Girl” and “Whale Rider.” She also directed and produced “Women and Hollywood,” one of the six Emmy-nominated documentaries for the “PBS MAKERS: Women Who Make America” series. Her other credits include “Somewhere Between” and “The World According to Sesame Street.” “We Are The Radical Monarchs” which premiered at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival on March 10.

  • Samantha Paige Davis

    Samantha Paige Davis is the Founder & Executive Director of the Black Swan Academy (BSA). She is an advocate, trainer, organizer, and unyielding optimist. She believes that everyone has the innate ability to succeed, but they must be given the opportunity to do so. When she was just 25, Samantha founded BSA, to create a pipeline of black youth civic leaders. In 2019, Samantha started the Sam & Tamara Davis Family Scholarship Fund with her siblings to support graduating high school seniors in her hometown, Pittsburgh who have a parent with a mental or physical disability and/or who were raised in a single adult household. She currently serves on the Black Women & Girls Advocacy Taskforce and the Self Development of People national committee of Presbyterian Church USA. She is the former field engagement manager for YWCA USA, where she has developed a new state-level advocacy initiative, a nationwide get out the vote effort and mobilized over 200 associations to do racial and gender justice work. Samantha has her Master in Public Policy from American University. Her work has been recognized by American University, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington, the National Urban League and most recently among Essence's 219 Woke100.

  • Jamison Ford

    Jamison Ford is a thirteen-year-old orator, leader, youth activist, and humanitarian from Washington, DC. Since an early age, Jamison has always focused her energy on understanding our society, providing a voice for youth (especially those that look like her), and making this world a better place. Jamison is dedicated to being the change she wants to see in our world and hopes to become a public defense attorney when she grows up. In addition, Jamison wants to ensure defendants have proper legal representation, fair trials, and appropriate sentencing.

  • Raquel Fossett

    Raquel Fossett is the Program Coordinator to the Director of Board Relations and Special Projects at the American Civil Liberties Union National Office. Raquel's primary focus is the ACLU National Advocacy Institute, a program that teaches over 1000 students each year how to be young activists on ACLU issues and youth advocacy initiatives. She is also the co-founder of the ACLU National Black Women and Black Non-Binary Employee Resource Group and the co-leader of the ACLU National Feminist ERG. Prior to her Program Coordinator role, she started as an intern in the Chief of Staff's Office and the Deputy Executive Director's Office. Raquel also worked for the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative, researching and identifying donors that would help reform technological, economic, and governmental advances in countries including Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Kenya.

  • Jamie A. Triplin

    Jamie A. Triplin is the Director of Communications & Development at Howard University’s Graduate School. Ms. Triplin is a graduate of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs and Administration and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Political Science. An activist at heart, Ms. Triplin became the Director of Communications, and Advisor for Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, a well-known activist movement that campaigns against violence and racism towards black people

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