Age of Nature Sneak Preview

September 15, 2020
12:00pm Eastern Time
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At this crucial turning point in our planet’s history, The Age of Nature brings together inspirational contributors, rare archive material and stunning imagery from around the world, to give us a deeper understanding of Nature and our place within it. Please join WQED in this sneak preview screening of our upcoming Age of Nature series. Also, joining us will be Camila Rivera-Tinsley, Director of Education for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and Mike “Carya” Cornell, Naturalist Educator – Interpretive Specialist at the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. Both will share their insight and will be available for any questions you might have during the screening.

Video Descriptions

Age of Nature Welcome

The Age of Nature - Awakening - Preview

Our awareness of Nature is growing. As we discover its role in our modern world and realize its true value, action is being taken to protest and restore it. This story is told by inspiring contributors who reveal the awakening of a new era.

The Age of Nature - Understanding - Preview

A new understanding of the way Nature works is helping us find some surprising ways of fixing it. As our understanding deepens, we realize that everything is connected, and by helping to restore Nature we all benefit, humans and animals alike.

The Age of Nature Changing 103

The Age of Nature is a three-part series from PBS. Each episode will focus on three stories that take us beyond the traditional natural history series to answer three questions: What have our past mistakes taught us about nature?

60 minutes



  • Mike (Carya) Cornell

    Mike “Carya” Cornell has always had a love of the outdoors, and a desire to share that passion with others. Working as a Naturalist Educator – Interpretive Specialist at the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy they are able to provide an entry point for others to explore their world. One of Mike’s key beliefs is that you are never too young or too old to gain an appreciation for, and strengthen your connection to the earth. Mike is also a member of Borland Green Intentional Garden Community, and co-owner of Phyto Bello Sustainable Landscapes, a company dedicated to increasing the habitat, health, and sustainability of lawns, gardens, and landscapes in the Pittsburgh region. Through all of these rolls, Mike works to inspire curiosity between all people and the natural world and understand how we are connected to each other and the ecosystem we are a part of.

  • Camila Rivera-Tinsley

    Camila Rivera-Tinsley is the director of education for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. She leads the conservancy’s growing slate of all-ages, environmental education programming and helms the Frick Environmental Center, the first publicly owned Living Building in the United States. Before serving in her current role, she attended The Pennsylvania State University and subsequently secured a position at The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, where she worked for 14 years, stewarding programming and mentoring hundreds of students and early career professionals. It was at the Schuylkill Center that she began to realize that urban environmental education, and ensuring the diversity of the field, was her true life’s passion. She helped to start a small environmental non-profit focused on people color and continues to use her voice to highlight the concerns of underserved populations. With an extensive background in environmental education, horticulture, permaculture, and urban agriculture, Rivera-Tinsley serves on the Environmental Education Advisory Council for the state of PA. Camila’s 17-year history of serving her community through her profession, volunteer work, and as an adviser to environmental organizations of color have formed and cemented her passion for providing opportunities to connect all peoples to green spaces in their community. Her true motivation lies in creating a more verdant and inclusive future for her 14year-old daughter.

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