Decolonize Dinner con Centro Hispano

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December 2, 2021
6:00pm Central Time
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Join us for an Evening of Dreaming to "Decolonize Dinner"!

Centro Hispano of Dane County in collaboration with PBS Wisconsin will host The Evening of Dreaming virtually at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 2. This free, online event will showcase the diversity of Latino cuisine and explore the cultural significance of food.

Now in its 6th year, the theme of this year’s Evening of Dreaming is “Decolonizing Dinner,” which encourages people to reclaim the power of their native food by returning to traditional practices. Speakers will discuss the importance of traditional foods to Latino cultures and why it is important to rethink our connection to agriculture. The event will also examine how food is grown and cooked as a form of advocacy, and how re-commitment to indigenous food is a way to preserve Latino heritage and identity.

Video Description


90 minutes


  • Moderator Avatar
    Luke Zahm

    Luke Zahm, Owner and Chef of Driftless Cafe and television host of Wisconsin Foodie. Luke has been asked to host the 2020 season of “Wisconsin Foodie”. Wisconsin Foodie is an Emmy® Award-winning television series dedicated to discovering the stories behind the food we eat. Wisconsin Foodie artfully blends food, cooking and travel while showcasing local businesses, restaurants, purveyors, and farmers – telling their story and helping to promote a local, sustainable economy.

  • Co-Moderator Avatar
    Carol - PBS Wisconsin


  • Panelist Avatar
    Karen Menendez Coller


    Karen Menendez Coller, Executive Director at Centro. Originally an immigrant from El Salvador, she holds 20+ years of community-based experience working across multiple sectors. Centro is the leading organization in Dane County prioritizing a vibrant, thriving, resilient Latino community, through holistic family-centered work that is grounded in community voice. Highlighted in 2016 by Madison 365 as one of Wisconsin's Most Powerful Latinos, she received the Inaugural Nan Cheney Award for Social Justice from Forward Community Investments and was also named the National Hispanic Heritage Foundation Leadership Award Recipient for the state of Wisconsin in 2017.

  • Panelist Avatar
    Elena Terry


    Elena Terry is the Executive Chef/Founder of Wild Bearies, a non-profit community outreach catering organization. She is also a Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance’s Contributing Mentors for the Food and Culinary Program. One of her passions has been developing mentorship programs that help build stronger communities within the Indigenous Food Sovereignty movement, while empowering participants to establish healthy relationships. A 2021 NDN Collective Changemaker Fellow, she emphasizes the healing nature of working with indigenous ingredients, Elena is a proponent for a holistic approach to traditional food systems. As a seed to table chef, Elena advocates highly for indigenous and organic growers and producers. She utilizes her partnerships with the Intertribal Agriculture Council, American Indian Foods Program, University of Wisconsin, Rural Urban FLOW, several tribal farms and her own garden projects to provide and preserve ancestral ingredients within her community. In promoting the use of traditional ingredients and methods of cooking, she also partners with ethnobotanists to provide education about wild foods and responsible foraging. Elena started as a traditional and ceremonial cook and is a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation. A trained chef, Elena is also a wild game specialist, a butcher and prefers open-fire, outdoor cooking.

  • Panelist Avatar
    Anthony Gallarday


    Anthony Gallarday is the chef at Tavo's Signature Cuisine. His main focus is modern fine dining Mexican cuisine. He started his career at the young age of 10 while working alongside his father at many well-known restaurants in the city of Milwaukee. He realized his main calling was the fine culinary arts as he was pursuing his degree in Economics & Business Management. While working along side his parents in their own family restaurant, there was no doubt that his creativity and expertise would revolutionize the stereotype people have about Mexican cuisine. He is truly passionate about every dish brought to the table and believes that cuisine is like fine art. His focus throughout this time has been providing not only eye-catching dishes full of flavor and tradition, but also to make them healthier as well. He loves the challenge that some customers bring to the table when they have specific diets or dietary restrictions. This is one of the greatest motivations for his creativity. Chef Anthony has been able to create a delightful, flexible menu that allows the most picky eaters to truly enjoy a nice meal. The menu allows one to make almost anything into a vegan, vegetarian, keto, etc. dish. Absolutely every dish gets crafted upon request and customers are able to enjoy the wide range of grass fed, cage free meats, vegan, or vegetarian options. In his spare time, he likes learning new techniques, crafting new potential dishes, and delighting his family with his new potential dishes.

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