Muerte Silenciosa (Silent Death)

August 20, 2020
6:00pm Pacific Time
 08/20/2020 06:00:00 pm08/20/2020 07:00:00 pmAmerica/Los_AngelesMuerte Silenciosa (Silent Death) Join KIXE PBS for the third film in Jesse Dizard's water trilogy. Driverjdriver@kixe.orgfalseMM/DD/YYYY

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Join KIXE PBS for the third film in Jesse Dizard's water trilogy.

Video Descriptions

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5 minutes


Global Consequences of Drought

Geographer Troy Sternberg followed an unprecedented series of droughts that rippled across the globe from 2006 to 2011. From Australia to China to Russia and the Middle East, these droughts devastated farmers. And they directly impacted the price of wheat, which began to skyrocket. Follow the water to see the role drought can play in war, and in politics around the world.

Before Flint's Water Crisis, One Man Tried To Sound An Alarm

Before Michigan switched Flint’s water supply in April 2014, a man who worked at the water treatment plant tried to sound the alarm. His sister reveals he said, “It’s not safe. We’re not ready... People are gonna die.”

Why what's in the water still haunts residents of Flint

Since 2014, Flint, Michigan, has been synonymous with tainted water. Five years on, not all of the city's residents have access to safe water. Some wait for hours in line to obtain bottled water, while others deal with the physical and emotional fallout of exposure to high lead levels from corrosion of city pipes. John Yang reports from Flint on what has changed -- and what hasn’t.

Muerte Silenciosa Screener

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80 minutes



  • Jesse Dizard

    An Emmy Award nominated Cultural Anthropologist interested in natural resource problems and the way individuals and bureaucracies respond to them, Jesse sought conversations with those intimately involved in their communities' local and regional public policy debates over water and its future

  • Sharon Brisolara

    Dr. Sharon Brisolara is a writer, educator, and Director of Inquiry That Matters, an organization that offers coaching and consultation services including program evaluation and design, appreciative inquiry, grant writing, mindfulness and arts-based professional learning, equity assessments, and design thinking experiences. She values deep engagement in justice and equity issues. She can be reached at

  • Paul Gosselin

    Paul Gosselin joined Butte County in November, 2007, as its third Director of Water and Resource Conservation. The Department manages the County's State Water Project Table A allocation, investigates and reports on groundwater conditions, administers Chapter 33, implements the Groundwater Management Plan, fosters regional partnerships and other water resource activities. Prior to joining Butte County, Paul was Chief Deputy Director for the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. From 1989 to 1993 he was the Director of Regulatory Services for the Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture. Paul received a Bachelors degree in biochemistry and a Masters degree in chemistry from the University of Massachusetts.

  • George Barber

    George Barber is the District Manager for California Water Service Co.’s Chico and Oroville Districts. He previously was the General Manager at Paradise Irrigation District from 2004 to 2017, after serving as Water Division Manager with the South Feather Water & Power Agency in Oroville for nine years. George has been a Butte County resident since 1970. He and his wife Dora have been married for 35 years. George has two grown daughters, Jessica and Jennifer, and is a proud Grandad to 1 year old Lincoln. George is a Registered Civil Engineer and a graduate of California State University, Chico. He holds a T4 and a D4 operators licenses from the state of California. He has experience working through the day to day regulatory issues surrounding surface water, ground water, and drinking water. George sat as an Association of California Water Agencies, Region 2 board member, served on the Butte County Water Commission from 2005 to 2017 and has served as a board member for the Sustainability Management Association since 2014.

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