October 21, 2020
7:00pm Pacific Time
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Join KEET-TV for a screening of the PBS series THE AGE OF NATURE that brings together inspirational contributors, rare archive material, and stunning imagery from around the world, to give us a deeper understanding of Nature and our place within it. The series asks specific questions and answers them with three major stories that provide crucial insights into the dawn of THE AGE OF NATURE.

For this screening, we will watch the second in this three-part PBS series titled "Understanding" followed by a panel discussion about the role fire plays in the forest ecosystem. Join North Coast experts in fire, forests, and grassland to discuss the parallels between THE AGE OF NATURE and how we might apply the concepts locally.

Video Descriptions

The Age of Nature - Understanding - Preview

A new understanding of the way Nature works is helping us find some surprising ways of fixing it. As our understanding deepens, we realize that everything is connected, and by helping to restore Nature we all benefit, humans and animals alike.

Harmony in the Eel Preview

90 minutes



  • Yana Valachovic

    Yana Valachovic is the County Director – Forest Advisor for the University of California Cooperative Extension in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. She was born and raised in Humboldt County in the Eel River Watershed and feels very fortunate to have found a career that allows her to invest in the future of the North Coast. She is a registered professional forester and forest scientist whose skills and interests cover a wide set of natural resource fields. She is currently the co-lead of the Northern California region of the California Fire Science Consortium and is a founding steering committee member of the Northern California Prescribed Fire Council. She has co-authored papers on fire behavior in coastal California forests and on the intersection of fire performance in home and landscape design. Recently she has been leading UC Cooperative Extension’s education work in fire building performance and is keenly interested in helping communities learn to build smarter

  • Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    Lenya Quinn-Davidson is a Fire Advisor with the University of California Cooperative Extension in the North Coast of California. Lenya’s primary focus is on the human connection with fire, and increasing the use of prescribed fire for habitat restoration, invasive species control, and ecosystem and community resiliency. Lenya works on prescribed fire issues at various scales, including locally in Humboldt County, where she works with private landowners to bring fire back as a land management tool; at the state level, where she collaborates on policy and research related to prescribed fire; and nationally, through her work and leadership on prescribed fire training exchanges (TREX). Lenya is passionate about using prescribed fire to inspire and empower people, from rural ranchers to agency leaders to young women pursuing careers in fire management. When she’s not out burning, she enjoys ocean fishing, writing, and river rafting with her husband and 6-year old son.

  • Jeff Stackhouse

    Jeff is a Northern California native, resident of Humboldt County since 2013. His programmatic areas vary due to the breadth of his research assignment, but much of his work is focused on vegetation management, both with the control of specific, undesirable, invasive species and vegetation management at a property ownership scale. To that end, he has shifted a portion of his extension programming to include community-based burning and the development of Prescribed Burn Associations across California to increase the capacity of private landowners to economically manage vegetation on their lands at ownership scales.

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