Pops: Fatherhood, the untold story

July 25, 2018
3:30pm Pacific Time
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Meet the filmmaker and stars of the Indie Lens Storycast web-series POPS during this OVEE screening featuring creator Garland McLaurin, and POPS stars the Stroman-Inniss family and LaGuardia Cross Jr.

POPS is a documentary web series about African American men facing the toughest challenge of their lives: becoming good fathers.

POPS addresses the reality and challenges of 21st-century parenthood for African American fathers. The media narrative of the deadbeat black father is generally accepted as a fact of life for African American children. Buried beneath these assumptions are the facts of black fatherhood that dispel some of those stereotypes.

Learn more about POPS: bit.ly/2MLKVz0

Learn more about Indie Lens Storycast: bit.ly/2MGMf6b

Video Description


120 minutes


  • Niema Jordan

    Niema Jordan is a writer, director, and producer from Oakland, Calif. The proud Medill alum received her dual masters in Public Health and Journalism from University of California, Berkeley. An award-winning documentary filmmaker, she directed and produced OASIS, which chronicles a small clinic's battle to secure Hep C treatment for its underserved patients. Jordan also worked on outreach for Trilogy Films’ Trapped and helped produce films that were featured on New York Times, TIME/ ESSENCE Magazine, and Fusion. She is recently worked as the impact producer on Openhood's The Force, and the upcoming documentary The Pushouts. Niema is currently and engagement consultant at ITVS where she focuses on planning and strategy for Indie Lens Pop-Up. She serves on the board of Camp Reel Stories and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

  • Robin 5

  • Heather World

  • Niema Jordan


  • Garland McLaurin

    Garland McLaurin is a Peabody-Award winning filmmaker. His latest project POPS, is a web-series exploring fatherhood for African American men and funded by ITVS Digital and National Black Programming Consortium. He co-directed/produced the Peabody winning documentary series, “180 Days A Year Inside An American High School" and "Hartsville” that aired on PBS. He holds a BA in Radio-TV-Film from Howard University and an MFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts graduate film school.

  • Chris and Shelton Stroman-Inniss

    Chris and Shelton Stroman-Inniss, are a same-sex couple who were on the forefront of fighting for marriage equality in Georgia. We follow them as they navigate the world of adoption and parenting as a gay couple by building a support community. Chris and Shelton also explore fractured relationships with their own fathers as they cultivate a relationship between their son Jonathan and his birth mother.

  • LaGuardia Cross Jr.

    La Guardia Cross Jr., is an online sensation. His YouTube show “New Fatherhood Chronicles” is a fast-growing and influential social network with thousands of followers and millions of views. POPS follows La Guardia as he grapples with the reality of being a new father to his newborn Amalah and a supportive husband to his wife Leah. La Guardia learns to balance his burgeoning career with his family responsibilities through trial and error.

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