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June 3, 2020
7:00pm Pacific Time
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This screening of Asian Americans is presented by KEET-TV in Eureka Ca. The moderator will lead a discussion following the screening with local panelists. The conversation will start by looking at how the issues presented in the film are playing out locally for Asian Americans in rural California. This is the jumping-off point for a broader discussion with the panelist and you. Please join us.

Video Descriptions

Asian Americans WETA Station Reel v01 - Unlisted

Asian American Stories: Chuck Her

Chuck tells us a story about how he came to the U.S. after the withdrawal from the Vietnam War, and the Secret War in Laos. I have to inform you all that once the camera was off, the details became much more graphic. Thank you to Chuck for sharing this story with us all. This video is in conjunction with the PBS series, Asian Americans.

Asian American Stories: Patty Hecht

Patty Hecht tells a story about her mother growing up in East Oakland and the challenges she faced as an Asian American. This video is in conjunction with the PBS series, Asian Americans.

120 minutes



  • Panelist Avatar
    Jennifer Fumiko Cahill


    Jennifer Fumiko Cahill is the arts and features editor of the North Coast Journal.

  • Panelist Avatar
    Roger Wang


    Roger Wang is the Associate Dean of Students at Humboldt State University (HSU) and the advisor for the Asian Desi Pacific Collective (ADPIC), a student organization at HSU. He is Taiwanese American, born and raised in Los Altos, CA, and first came up to Humboldt County to attend HSU as an English major. He earned his BA in English - Literary Studies at HSU and his MS in Student Affairs in Higher Education at Colorado State University. Roger has been working within the higher education field for ten years and has been an advocate for Asian Americans, the Asian American community in Humboldt County, and for social justice and racial equity issues.

  • Panelist Avatar
    Pata Vang


    Associate Clinical Social Worker at With Open Arms Reproductive Health Care Services. Pata provides counseling and case management services.

  • Panelist Avatar
    Shomik Mukherjee


    Shomik Mukherjee is a reporter at the Times-Standard, the newspaper of record in Humboldt County. He is originally from Southern California, where he attended UC Santa Barbara.

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