GLOBAL SPIRIT The Power of Community

August 17, 2017
6:00pm Pacific Time
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This is Global Spirit's first Ovee event for the for the national premiere of THE POWER OF COMMUNITY, with Roshi Joan Halifax, Ph.D. and Adam Bucko joined by our live guest, Joan Blades. Through the perspectives of these two community founders and two traditions, one Buddhist and one contemplative Christian, this program reveals two approaches to the pursuit and creation of community. Once inside the protective walls, viewers can experience the daily meditation and prayer and witness how the power of community life can reverse some of the corrosive effects of increased isolation in our high-tech world.

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Ovee Welcome

The Power of Community Part 1

100 Days of Resistance

The Resistance has succeeded in holding off some of Trump's worst efforts in his first 100 days. Keep fighting! Text FIGHT to 668366 to join the #resistance ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

The Power of Community Part 2

MomsRising Stands Up For Liberty & Justice, Dignity & Freedom For All

MomsRising Delivered Message of Liberty, Justice, and Freedom for Everyone to President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Members of the U.S. Senate in Honor of Mother’s Day! BACKGROUND: For Mother’s Day 201, MomsRising didn’t want flowers or chocolate. What we wanted was for President Trump, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Members of Congress to remember our country’s core democratic values and our proud and important immigrant history. During the 2016 election, MomsRising observed Donald Trump’s divisive presidential campaign – steeped in anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-minority, and even white supremacist rhetoric – with dismay. When he carried that rhetoric into his new Presidency, our dismay turned into anger. Barely 10 days after his inauguration, and with a compliant Congress, Trump advanced orders for “building a wall,” banning immigrants, and discriminating against people of the Muslim faith. It was clear to MomsRising that Trump and other national leaders needed a strong reminder of American democratic values and an affirmation of our proud immigrant history as embodied by the Statue of Liberty. Reassuring our more than one million members that MomsRising would not stand by as the new administration legislated hate that hurts families, devastates communities, and harms our economy, we invited them to help us send a strong message by sending thousands of Statue of Liberty to Trump Tower.

The Power of Community Part 3

Why We Need Living Room Conversations

A quick look at why LivingRoomConversations could benefit our country.

Power of Community Part 4

The Power of Community Credits

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2.04 Inside Sacred Texts Promo

Inside Sacred Texts explores the origins, translations and interpretations of sacred or revered texts and sheds light on the mystical experience these texts often originate from. The program brings knowledgeable, engaging scholars, translators and practitioners from three faiths together to explore how these seminal texts, which form the foundation of most world religions and have influenced entire civilizations, are in some cases, now being reappraised. Find out more at: www.GlobalSpirit.TV

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79min 52sec


  • Phil Cousineau

    I am your host for the GLOBAL SPIRIT, a LinkTV and PBS television series currently airing its Season Two on most PBS stations nationwide. I'm also a freelance writer, independent filmmaker, photographer, worldwide lecturer and adventure travel guide. For the last 30 years, I have published widely on such themes as creativity, soul, movies, sports, and the mythic imagination. “The Hero’s Journey” was my first documentary film. Produced in 1987, the film is about the life and work of Joseph Campbell. Since then, I have worked on more than 20 documentary films. Today I'm honored to be bringing Global Spirit's wisdom with the vitality and activism of two organizations who manifest the spiritual and philosophical concepts we have explored in Global Spirit's Love, Fear, and Beyond.


  • Joan Blades

    Joan Blades, Founding Partner, Living Room Conversations. Joan is cofounder of and, as well as coauthor of The Motherhood Manifesto and The Custom-Fit Workplace: Choose When, Where and How to Work and Boost the Bottom Line. Trained as an attorney/mediator with ten years experience as a software entrepreneur, Joan is also an artist, mother and true believer in the power of citizens and the need to rebuild respectful civil discourse and embrace our core shared values.

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