Section 1557: LGBTQ+ healthcare

July 21, 2020
10:00am Central Time
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Join us as we host a virtual panel to discuss how LGBTQ+ healthcare and coverage might be changing in the United States. We’ll dive into the details of President Trump’s ACA rule reversal, the recent Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ+ employee rights, and share what business leaders, non-profits, HR departments, and employees need to know so they are following the letter of the law.

Moderated by Almanac’s David Gillette, the conversation will feature Christy Hall of Gender Justice, Nathalie Crowley of Family Tree Clinic, and an additional panelist TBD.

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  • David Gillette

    (he/him) first appeared on Almanac in 2006 and currently serves as the show’s special correspondent. David’s work often combines traditional field reporting with illustrated commentary, and his “Illustrated Essays” have appeared on PBS both regionally and nationally. During the legislative session, David serves as a co-host and reporter for Almanac at the Capitol.

  • Christy Hall

    (she/her) is Senior Staff Attorney at Gender Justice, where she represents clients challenging gender discrimination. She practices in both state and federal court and has argued before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Christy litigates cases involving discrimination in employment, housing, health care and education. She is proud of her ground-breaking work on transgender rights in the Affordable Care Act and the Minnesota Human Rights Act. She has a particular interest in representing clients who have experienced trauma. Christy graduated magna cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School and joined Gender Justice in 2011 as a Robina Public Interest Scholars Fellow. Prior to becoming an attorney, Christy worked as a computer programmer.

  • Nathalie Crowley

    Nathalie Crowley (she/her) is the Associate Executive Director at Family Tree Clinic, a regional leader in LGBTQ health care, evidence-based comprehensive sex education, and culturally responsive care. Before coming to Family Tree Clinic Nathalie worked as a Domestic Violence Legal Advocate for OutFront Minnesota, and as the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program Coordinator at PAVSA in Duluth. Over the last 15 years, Nathalie has used her experience working in healthcare systems as a queer and trans woman of color to educate medical providers and increase access to quality wellness care for trans people living in Minnesota.

  • Casey Nolan

    Casey Nolan (she/her) is the Chief Human Resources Officer at HealthPartners. She started at HealthPartners in 2014 as an employment attorney in the Law Department before transitioning to the CHRO role on an interim basis starting in April of this year. Casey has specialized in human resources-related issues for more 15 years, and began her legal career as an employment litigator at the law firm of Gray Plant Mooty, Minneapolis.

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