A Chorus Line, Dance: Ten; Film; Three

June 18, 2013
7:00pm Central Time
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Thank you for joining us for A Chorus Line. Dance: Ten; Film; Three, a film by Matthew Brooks. As you watch the film, please pay attention to the chat box and respond to questions and polls as they arise. You can even express yourself with emoticons and gestures (like virtual clapping)during the show. The film is approximately 94 minutes long, but please join us for a conversation with Matthew following the video.

Video Descriptions

ANNIE: It's the Hard-Knock Life Preview

The show-stopping musical ANNIE, its characters and its songs are timeless and classic. For Annie’s return to Broadway, this documentary offers a memorable behind-the-scenes look at every step of a single ANNIE production number, from the earliest phases of discussion among the creative team, rehearsals with actors, to opening night on Broadway.

"Soliloquy" from Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel

Opera star Nathan Gunn plays Billy Bigelow in the New York Philharmonic's landmark performance of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel. He and his co-stars talk about Billy and the groundbreaking song, "Soliloquy," that supplies a crucial sympathetic dimension to the character.

Dance: Ten; Film: Three

Chronicling a Champaign, Ill., student production of “A Chorus Line” in 2011, from the first summer dance clinics to the troupe’s performances at the Illinois Theatre Festival. Recent Central High graduate Matthew Brooks created the behind-the-scenes film that includes interviews with cast members who describe the challenges of learning tricky dance steps and handling mature content.

97min 20sec


  • Molly Delaney

    As educational outreach director for Illinois Public Media, I am interested in how OVEE can be used to enhance your engagement and participation in an online viewing experience.

  • Matthew Brooks


  • Matthew Brooks

    Matthew Brooks is a local film and theatre lover who has recently graduated from Champaign Central High School. He already has an impressive history with theatre, having stage managed several Central shows and recently directed Proof. He will attend the University of Illinois and major in Stage Management with Level 21.

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