KPBS Explore presents: "Savor San Diego" and "A Growing Passion"

June 13, 2013
7:00pm Pacific Time
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KPBS is pleased to announce two new local television programs: Savor San Diego and A Growing Passion. Both feature local experts in their field and are a recognizable part of the community. KPBS received 52 submissions for the Explore San Diego Project.

"We're incredibly proud to offer two new TV programs next spring from two highly regarded experts. Nan & Su-Mei are San Diego icons who genuinely care about the community. They will be a great compliment to KPBS’ line-up of programs and offer unique outreach into our community," said Decker.

Video Descriptions

The Yin/Yang of Protein

Food is at the heart of many of San Diego’s most fascinating stories. Our food community is vibrant, diverse and unique, full of history, passionate people and delicious treasures. Join Su-Mei Yu, noted local cook, author and restaurant owner, as she explores and cooks her way around San Diego sharing the captivating tales of our culinary bounty.

The Business of Blooms

San Diego is one of our nation’s top cut flower producers. These crops generate almost 78 million dollars a year. The cost of land and water has put pressure on local growers. Host Nan Sterman visit a hardy few who are helping San Diego’s floraculture industry to survive and thrive.

49min 43sec



  • Su-Mei Yu

    Su-Mei Yu opened Saffron’s first location, Thai Grilled Chicken, in 1985 on India Street. With a focus on take-out dinning, this small eatery captures the authenticity of popular street vendors in Bangkok.Su-Mei Yu’s Thai heritage guided her to develop her brand of Thai food. Today, she annually returns to her homeland to research and collect recipes of traditional, authentic foods and methods of preparation.

  • Nan Sterman

    Nan Sterman is host, co-producer, and co-writer of A Growing Passion, a television show that celebrates all the ways that San Diego “grows,” from farms and nurseries to backyards and schoolyards, to native habitats and more. Nan is a garden designer, author, botanist, and award-winning garden communicator. She is dedicated to the transformation of planted landscapes from overly thirsty and resource intensive to climate appropriate and sustainable. Her efforts combine age-old techniques with modern technologies.

  • Jill Linder

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