Documentary: Beyond Standing Rock

May 23, 2017
7:00pm Mountain Time
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Inside Energy, Rocky Mountain PBS and Prairie Public present an exclusive online interactive screening and discussion of “Beyond Standing Rock,” a timely new documentary that shines a spotlight on the conflict surrounding the Dakota Access pipeline and the struggle for Native American rights against the backdrop of a new Trump administration.

While watching the documentary in full, attendees will get the chance to discuss the themes of the film with some of the journalists behind “Beyond Standing Rock.”

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Video Descriptions


BSR Virtual Screening on OVEE

BEYOND STANDING ROCK 2017 (NR) 57 min. DIRECTOR: Brian Malone SYNOPSIS: Beyond Standing Rock takes a close-up look at the controversy on the front lines of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The film investigates the collision of energy development and tribal rights/sovereignty. Beyond Standing Rock explores these issues through three different tribal stories: The Dakota Access Pipeline (Standing Rock Sioux), the Southern Ute Tribe energy development, and a coalition of tribes in the Four Corners region, fighting for control over the Bears Ears National Monument. Countries: United States Languages: English

75 minutes


  • Amber Rivera

    As Engagement Editor for Inside Energy, Amber Rivera connects reporters' work with local communities and manages reader experience and engagement with content across all digital platforms. She’s equipped people across the country to hold community screenings of “Beyond Standing Rock” this spring and is working to create educational materials to pair with the documentary for the PBS educational community. Amber believes that to feel connected and grounded in the world, we need to participate authentically in tough conversations like those inspired by this documentary.


  • Alisa Barba

    The film's Executive Producer Alisa Barba is an award-winning journalist, producer, writer and editor with 25 years in both commercial and public broadcasting. Prior to her current role as Executive Editor of Inside Energy, Alisa served as Senior Editor for Fronteras: the Changing America Desk, a regional news collaboration project involving seven public radio stations across the southwest. She also served as Western Bureau Chief for NPR for 12 years. Her radio work has won numerous national and regional awards. As a freelance producer in 2002, Barba won the coveted Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University Award for her work as Executive Producer of a KPBS documentary entitled “Culture of Hate: Who Are We?”.

  • Amy Sisk

    Reporter Amy Sisk is Inside Energy and Prairie Public’s eyes and ears on the ground in oil country. Based locally in Bismarck, Amy had a leg up on other reporters during the Dakota Access pipeline protests and covered the situation extensively for NPR for many months. Her coverage took her inside protest camps and demonstrations dozens of times, where she sought to balance the passion of the movement with the views of North Dakota residents, law enforcement, politicians and the oil industry. Amy joined Inside Energy after stints reporting in the Bakken oil patch for the Tioga Tribune and covering energy policy for Politico.

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