Chat & Learn: Teaching Green

April 12, 2016
5:00pm Central Time
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Join KLRN for this month’s Chat & Learn as we spotlight fun and creative ways to share Earth Day with your students using resources from PBS LearningMedia. With a variety of activities, games, lesson plans, and videos, you’ll see why every day can be earth day.

Video Descriptions

KLRN Virtual Classroom Welcome!

PBS Education Sizzle Reel

As America's largest and most trusted classroom, PBS has been inspiring lifelong learning for generations. Now, research shows that PBS content helps improve student achievement when incorporated into the classroom. Learn more in this inspiring :60 sizzle reel and at #PBSLovesTeachers

EARTH A New Wild | Panda | PBS Premieres Wednesdays, February 4-25, 2015 on PBS Join Dr. M. Sanjayan for EARTH A New Wild, a five-part series that takes a fresh look at humankind’s relationship to the planet’s wildest places and most fascinating species -- including pandas.


Monday, April 19 at 9pm on PBS. Witness the seeds of a revolution in EARTH DAYS, hailed as "spectacular" (Hollywood Reporter), "fascinating" (Bloomberg News) and "a beautifully composed tribute to visionary thinking and political ingenuity" (New York Times). Earth Days traces the development of the modern environmental movement from its post-war rumblings in the 1950s to the first wildly successful 1970 Earth Day celebration and the subsequent firestorm of political action to reveal an engaging history of the revolutionary achievements-—and missed opportunities-—of groundbreaking eco-activism.

Glass Frog | Songs for Unusual Creatures | PBS Digital Studios

Q: What do the GLASS FROG and the GLASS ARMONICA have in common? A: They're both in this video! The glass frog is called so because it has see-through skin on its stomach! How crazy is that? You can see just about all of its inner organs, including its beating heart. The glass armonica on the other hand is one of the rarest and most exotic musical instruments, and it was invented by Benjamin Franklin! Check out my friend Cecilia Brauer play one. I think it'll work nicely with my visit to the "Frog Pod" at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. And subscribe to the channel for new animals and songs every other week. (It's free!) Host: Michael Hearst Producer: Joe Beshenkovsky & Michael Hearst In Association with PBS Digital Studios For more about Songs for Unusual Creatures, including a book and CD: For more from PBS Digital Studios:

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

The American Experience 1993 - 56 minutes With Meryl Streep as the voice of Rachel Carson This is a film about Rachel Carson and the book that helped to begin the modern environmental movement and which has had a profound effect on the conservation of marine and aquatic life, as well as the quality of air, water and soil in all environments. It tells the story of Rachel Carson's realization of wide spread pollution from pesticides and of her struggle to write the book and battle critics after its publication. Producer/Director: Neil Goodwin Sales & Distribution Info: Peace River Films

Where's Plum From? | PLUM LANDING on PBS KIDS

Plum, our favorite purple alien, comes from a far-away planet named Blorb. Why did she leave? What made her want to jump in a spaceship and zoom across the galaxy? Here's a music video that will answer all your questions about Plum Landing! Check out the PLUM LANDING website for more fun stuff! Follow us on Twitter! Check out our Facebook page: We're on Tumblr: You can also find us on Pinterest: YouTube:

Gabi and Oliver's favorite places in Nature | PLUM LANDING on PBS KIDS

Gabi and Oliver don't agree on much so of COURSE they don't have the same "favorite" place in nature. They don't even agree on what "nature" is! (But they do think that a restaurant for birds is pretty cool.) Check out the PLUM LANDING website for more fun stuff! Follow us on Twitter! Check out our Facebook page: We're on Tumblr: You can also find us on Pinterest: YouTube:

Deserts Aren't Dead! - Desert Song | PLUM LANDING on PBS KIDS

How are deserts, zombies and mummies NOT alike? Well, zombies and mummies are dead, while deserts are filled with weird and interesting creatures! Join Brad's music video sing-along and learn about life in the desert. Check out the PLUM LANDING website for more fun stuff! Follow us on Twitter! Check out our Facebook page: We're on Tumblr: You can also find us on Pinterest: YouTube:

Ecology - Rules for Living on Earth: Crash Course Biology #40

Hank introduces us to ecology - the study of the rules of engagement for all of us earthlings - which seeks to explain why the world looks and acts the way it does. The world is crammed with things, both animate and not, that have been interacting with each other all the time, every day, since life on this planet began, and these interactions depend mostly on just two things... Learn what they are as Crash Course Biology takes its final voyage outside the body and into the entire world. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a new Crash Course in ECOLOGY! Crash Course Biology is now available on DVD! Like CrashCourse: Follow CrashCourse: Table of Contents 1) Ecological Hierarchy 02:01:2 a) Population 02:12 b) Community 02:26:1 c) Ecosystem 02:50 d) Biome 03:22:1 e) Biosphere 03:51 2) Key Ecological Factors 04:07 a) Temperature 05:06:1 b) Water 05:37 3) Biome Type 06:03:1 References/Image Licenses: crash course, biology, ecology, hank green, science, organism, interaction, molecule, environment, hierarchy, Earth, ecological, population, community, predation, cooperation, competition, ecosystem, soil, water, air, temperature, energy, materials, physical environment, biome, technique, adaptation, condition, evolution, biosphere, biotic, abiotic, predator, animal, plant, food, shelter, moisture, sunlight, elevation, category, chemistry, enzyme, photosynthesis, physiognomy, biodiversity, tropical rainforest, tundra, desert, grassland, taiga, human impact Support CrashCourse on Subbable:

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