KLRN's SciGirls | Season 3, Ep 1 & 2

December 1, 2015
6:30pm Central Time
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Hello KLRN's South Texas SciGirls! Thank you for joining us for our online Meet Up.

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Video Descriptions

SciGirls | Opening Video

Citizen Science

Citizen scientists survey bugs in Portland backyards, measure rainfall and track the lifecycles of plants. A study questioned the reliability of crowd-sourced science, so scientists are improving training and new tools, like mobile apps.

Volunteers Make Citizen Science Work

Description - Citizen Science is a vital fast-growing field in which scientific investigations are conducted by volunteers. Individuals and community groups have long collected data to better understand their local environment and address issues of concern to them. Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of citizen science projects as tools have advanced and people have become more empowered. These projects have been remarkably successful in expanding scientific knowledge, raising people's awareness of their environment and leveraging change. We encourage volunteers to work with local community groups -- on water sampling projects, among others -- with whatever skills they can supply.

What Is Citizen Science? (Driven to Discover Citizen Science project)

Copyright 2013. Regents of the University of Minnesota A brief video that explores the history, breadth and value of citizen science. Produced by University of Minnesota Extension. Project Team Members: Robert Blair, Grant Bowers, Nathan Meyer, Pamela Nippolt, Karen Oberhauser, Andrea Lorek Strauss, Lis Young-Isebrand Narrator: Kelly Nail Producer: Audrey Favorito Illustration and Animation: Kelly McNutt Music by Kevin MacLeod - incomptech.com Medley by Sturbridge Colonial Militia Photography: Audrey Favorito, Kelly Nail, D2D Adult Leaders, Ken Billington, Cephas, Lewis Collard, Gunter Cox, Brocken Inaglory, William Majoros, NASA, Petr Novak, Win-Chi Poon, Pslawinski, Jon Sullivan, Liz West, Fridrich Bohringer

FrogWatch USA || My Citizen Science Experience

Hi EcoAdventures! Thanks for watching my video about my Citizen Science experience. I hope it inspires you to become a citizen scientist too! Visit www.aza.org/frogwatch/ for more information on how you can become a FrogWatch volunteer and help protect frogs and toads in your community! References Association of Zoos and Aquariums. (2014). FrogWatch USA. Retrieved from www.aza.org/frogwatch/ Conrad, C. C., & Hilchey, K. G. (2011). A review of citizen science and community-based environmental monitoring: issues and opportunities. Environmental monitoring and assessment, 176 (1), 273–291. Marshall, J. (2013, July/August). Indicator Species: Using Frogs and Salamanders to Gauge Ecosystem Health. GRIT Magazine. Ogden Publications, Inc. Retrieved from www.grit.com/departments/indicator-species-zm0z13jazgou.aspx Silvertown, J. (2009). A new dawn for citizen science. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 24 (9), 467–471.

The Stories Plants Tell: The Science of Phenology

Discover how plants respond to seasonal change and how you can observe plants in your community and share them through Project BudBurst, a national citizen science project.

SciGirls | Main Feature

SciGirls 301: Frog Whisperers

When St. Louis’ SciGirls find the amphibian population in decline, they hop to it! Alanna, Madison, Amanda and Clara hit urban and rural sites to compare frog and toad calls and report on their amphibian neighbors.

SciGirls 302: Flower Power

SciGirls spring into action! Minnesota sixth-grader Jordan gathers her girls to track changes in flowers and plants as spring emerges, and celebrates by creating a sculpture and a time-lapse video of the season’s arrival.

SciGirls | Closing Video

85min 15sec


  • KLRN

    The mission of KLRN is to enrich the lives of people throughout South Central Texas through the power of communication—providing quality programs and services that advance education, art and culture, and community.


  • Brittany Gates

    Brittany Gates is the Education Specialist for Mitchell Lake Audubon Center located in South San Antonio. At the center she leads the education programs, conservation initiatives , the animal ambassador program, and many of the citizen science programs that take place at the center. She has a degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Central Arkansas and has been involved in environmental conservation, animal care for the purpose of conservation, and environmental education for the last 6 years. Through positions with US Fish and Wildlife Service, Sea World, Houston Zoo, Houston’s Downtown Aquarium, the San Antonio Zoo, and Audubon, Brittany has had the pleasure of sharing her love and knowledge of the natural world with people of all ages.

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