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January 27, 2016
3:30pm Central Time
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Hello and welcome to the KLRN Virtual Classroom--a place where students can chat & learn about many different topics using the wealth of information available through PBS.

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Video Descriptions

KLRN Virtual Classroom Welcome!

The Sun Is A Magnet!

Sunspots, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, OH MY! Subscribe to It's Okay To Be Smart: bit.ly/iotbs_sub ↓ More info and sources below ↓ Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/jtotheizzoe Follow on Tumblr: www.itsokaytobesmart.com As massive magnetic fusion reactors go, the sun is pretty awesome. How a CME forms: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsXqNNQsS7I More on solar storms from Bad Astronomy: www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2013/02/05/solar_eruption_a_sun_storm_leaves_behind_twisted_chaos.html www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2013/02/21/coronal_rain_streams_of_ionized_gas_rain_on_sun_after_a_solar_flare.html Anatomy of solar storms: www.space.com/12047-solar-flares-sun-storms-space-weather-infographic.html All the sun science you've ever wanted: solarcellcentral.com/sun_page.html Footage via NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, ESA/Hubble, and Pond5 ----------------- Have an idea for an episode or an amazing science question you want answered? Leave a comment below! Follow me on Twitter: @jtotheizzoe Email me: itsokaytobesmart AT gmail DOT com Facebook: www.facebook.com/itsokaytobesmart Google+ plus.google.com/+itsokaytobesmart For more awesome science, check out: www.itsokaytobesmart.com Joe Hanson - Host and writer Joe Nicolosi - Director Amanda Fox - Producer, Spotzen IncKate Eads - Associate Producer Editing/Motion Graphics - Andrew Matthews Music: "Ouroboros" by Kevin MacLeod Artwork/photos via Shutterstock Produced by PBS Digital Studios: www.youtube.com/user/pbsdigitalstudios ----------- Last week's video: Why Did We Blow on NES Games? www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Gf9mtXnJfM More videos: The Science of BBQ www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccqOVmsybO4 The Science of Game of Thrones - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Utu-LpJn3Is The Far Future of the Universe - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl9DwNOonOA There Was No First Human - www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdWLhXi24Mo How The Elements Got Their Names - www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtg9p6A6xnY


A slow-poke magnet, chaotic pendulum and opposing grapes? Explore magnetic fields and the characteristics that make ferromagnetic and diamagnetic materials, including Lenz's Law. STEM Challenge: design and build a linear magnetic accelerator. Episode #0105

Mislabeled Magnets | A Moment of Science | PBS

This time on a Moment of Science... A Moment of Science is a production of Indiana Public Media, in cooperation with Indiana University's scientific community and scientists around the world. Audio episodes are heard on stations worldwide and video episodes are seen each week on the Regional Emmy Award-winning children's program The Friday Zone on PBS stations WTIU and WFYI in Indiana. For more information, visit www.amomentofscience.org Host: Mandy Striph Developed for video by: Adam Schweigert Opening Sequence Editor: Nick Chafin Opening Sequence Graphics: Nick Chafin, Dave Gonzalez Editor: Eric Bolstridge Videographer: Justin Crossley Production Assistant: Molly Plunkett Writers: Don Glass, Susan Linville, William Orem, Jeremy Shere, Eric Sonstroem

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  • Jennifer Crispin

    Jennifer Crispin is a Program Coordinator at Impression 5 Science Center. She has master's degrees in physics and soil, water, and environmental science, then fell in love with informal education. When not planning day camp programs, she can be found at the science center extracting DNA or blowing up ping pong balls. Outside of work, she enjoys making things out of impossibly tiny beads and reading all the books.

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