Beyond Bedlam

May 11, 2020
3:00pm Pacific Time
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Beyond Bedlam: Reimagining Our Mental Health Systems - Virtual Panel and Q&A.

Stream the new PBS documentary film Bedlam in advance, and then join us for a virtual discussion of the film and the needed solutions to our mental health crisis, which has led to the criminalization and marginalization of people with mental illness across the country.

Moderator Susan Chira (The Marshall Project) will be joined by panelists Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg (Director, Bedlam), Dr. Ashwin Vasan (President and CEO, Fountain House), Daniel H. Gillison, Jr. (CEO, NAMI), and Issa Ibrahim (Artist, Fountain House member, author of The Hospital Always Wins). Presented by The Marshall Project, WNET and Fountain House.

We encourage everyone to stream the film for free ahead of time by visiting

Video Descriptions

Beyond Bedlam Holding Screen

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Jails for Mental Illness | Bedlam

America's three largest jails are also its three largest psychiatric treatment facilities. In this excerpt from Bedlam, while one person with mental illness faces a long wait in jail before finding treatment, California Gov. Gavin Newsom tours the Twin Towers Correctional Facility where he is shocked by the staggering number of people with mental illness housed in high-security jails.

60 minutes


  • Susan Chira

    Editor-in-chief of The Marshall Project.

  • Anonymous DIFX

  • Jason Bowman

  • Fountain House

  • Anonymous DIFX

  • Jason Bowman

  • Fountain House


  • Dr. Kenneth Paul Rosenberg

    Dr. Kenneth Paul Rosenberg (Director, Producer) has been making award-winning documentaries since medical school. While a medical student at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, he also studied film at NYU. He co-produced and co-directed (with Ruth Neuwald Falcon) An Alzheimer’s Story, a film about living with Alzheimer’s disease, filmed over the course of eighteen months. After his residency in Psychiatry at the Payne-Whitney Clinic at New York Presbyterian Hospital, he did a Fellowship in Public Health, during which he directed and produced Through Madness, a film on serious mental illness, for PBS. While a practicing psychiatrist, Ken produced and directed films for HBO, including Why Am I Gay?: Stories of Coming Out In America (Oscar Documentary Feature Shortlist), Back From Madness, and Drinking Apart, and executive produced Cancer: Evolution to Revolution (Peabody Award- winner). He is also the editor of medical textbooks and author of popular books including Bedlam: An Intimate Journey Into America's Mental Health Crisis, which was published by Avery/Penguin Random House.

  • Dr. Ashwin Vasan

    President and CEO, Fountain House

  • Daniel H. Gillison, Jr.


  • Issa Ibrahim

    Artist, Fountain House member, author of The Hospital Always Wins

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