Albuquerque's Roots - Sneak Preview

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June 10, 2021
7:00pm Mountain Time
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Welcome to a world premiere screening of Albuquerque’s Roots.

This NMPBS original documentary is about a place where one draws strength, where one generation sustains another.

Sitting in one of the most agriculturally rich landscapes in New Mexico, Albuquerque has thrived along the Rio Grande for centuries. Albuquerque’s Roots celebrates the local food shed, expands upon our understanding of the city’s identity and looks back into history showing parallels on how we sustain a rich agricultural practice to this day.

Our local farmers and consumers are actively engaging in sustainability and exploring how a local food supply can be a significant ingredient in the health of a community. Many people are now reclaiming their cultural heritage, farming and gardening are a big part of that movement. Told through the voices of community members this thirty-minute documentary is a personal story that connects the past with the present and shows us how sustenance and sustainability are part of the common thread that connects us all.

Presented as a two part series: Saturday, June 12th and June 19th at 4pm on Channel 5.1

Presented as one 30 minute documentary: Thursday, July 15th at 7pm on Channel 5.1

Funding for COLORES was provided in part by Urban Enhancement Trust Fund (UETF) of the City of Albuquerque, Frederick Hammersley Foundation and Viewers Like You

Video Descriptions

Sizzle 2021 History

For internal review only NMPBS 6/4/21

Albuquerque's Roots Trailer

- A production of New Mexico PBS - Instagram - Facebook - More from ¡COLORES! - More from New Mexico PBS on YouTube-

Albuquerque's Roots

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90 minutes


  • Tara Walch

    Tara Walch is the Series Producer of ¡COLORES!.


  • Panelist Avatar
    Moisés Gonzales


    Moises Gonzales is an Associate Professor of Urban Design in the Community and Regional Planning Program at the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico. He also serves as the Director of the Resource Center for Raza Planning, which is a community outreach center within the School of Architecture and Planning whose mission is to provide technical assistance in the areas of community development, design, and natural resource planning for traditional communities throughout New Mexico

  • Panelist Avatar
    Jill Hartke


    Jill Hartke is the Digital Archivist at the Albuquerque Museum. She studied History at the University of Missouri and completed a Master’s of Library Science at the University of Missouri. She has worked as a librarian in academic, public, and non-profit institutions for ten years, and has worked for the Museum since 2018, managing the Photo Archives department.

  • Panelist Avatar
    Tiana Baca


    Tiana Baca is farmer, seed steward and educator from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Driven by a passion for plants and a love for the Southwest, Tiana has worked on several agricultural projects across New Mexico, exploring the potential for growing food in arid landscapes. She currently serves as the Community Education Programs Director at Three Sisters Kitchen and is the founder of the Tierra Luna Seed Collaborative which cultivates regionally adapted seeds in the Middle Rio Grande and fosters a community of seed conscious eaters. She lives and farms on two acres in Albuquerque’s South Valley with her partner Stuart, steadfast dog Odin, and their herd of goats.

  • Panelist Avatar
    Brett Bakker


    Brett Bakker began saving seed over four decades ago. He has worked for Native Seeds/SEARCH (Tucson AZ), San Juan Pueblo Seed Project (Ohkay Owingeh NM), Talavaya Seed Company (Espanola NM), Flowering Tree Permaculture Association (Santa Clara Pueblo NM) and High Desert Research Farm (Abiquiu NM), among others. He also was a Certifier/Inspector for New Mexico Organic Program for over 25 years.

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