The Pilgrimage Experience

August 10, 2017
6:00pm Pacific Time
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Welcome to the screening of the second program of the Global Spirit series, which is currently airing on most PBS stations nationwide. This program reveals the power of intentional travel, and how pilgrimage, a journey of spiritual transformation, has long proved to be one of the most genuine practices to help nourish the soul and help dispel the fear of the other. For this reason, famed mythologist Joseph Campbell pronounced that “enlightened travel” would be one of the ways human beings can stave off the catastrophe that comes from the fear or hatred of the other races or religions.

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The Pilgrimage Experience

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2.03 The Power of Community

For decades, social scientists have observed and recorded the increasing isolation of people living in Western cultures, most notably in the U.S. Infamously, one sociologist named it "the pursuit of loneliness," which has in many ways proved prophetic for our digital, virtual times. The more accomplished and ingenious we become in our solitary pursuits, the more separated we are, all giving rise to a certain distinct yearning for community. Through the perspectives of two community founders and two traditions, one Buddhist and one contemplative Christian, this program reveals two approaches to the pursuit and creation of community. Once inside the protective walls, viewers can experience the daily meditation and prayer and witness how the power of community life can reverse some of the corrosive effects of increased isolation in our high-tech world.

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  • Phil Cousineau

    I'm the Global Spirit series host. I will be watching the program in this room with you. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions during the program using the chat box.


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