Bob Ross Paint-Along

October 26, 2020
7:00pm Eastern Time
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Paint some happy little trees with Vermont PBS and Faye Fletcher, CRI .

Faye has been sharing the Joy of Painting since 2002, when she followed her dream and became a Certified Ross Instructor. Since then, she's had over 5,000 students in her classes.

Paint-Along Supply List and Class Preparation:

Gather your supplies, take a nice deep breath and be ready to have loads of fun! You can order official Bob Ross paints and supplies at, or feel free to use your preferred variants.

Here are the supplies that you’ll need:

[Download list here:]

- 11” x 14” or 12” x 16” Pre-stretched primed canvas

- Table covering to protect from paint

- Easel

- Bob Ross odorless paint thinner in a container

- Paper towels, to clean the paint off your brushes

- Palette or palette paper taped on table covering shiny side up.

- Baby Wipes (optional for cleaning paint off your skin.)

Bob Ross tools:

- 1” Landscape Brush

- #3 Bristle Fan Brush

- #5 Painting Knife

Bob Ross Oil Paints:

- Liquid White

- Titanium White

- Phthalo Blue

- Alizarin Crimson

- Sap Green

- Cadmium Yellow

Preparation for class:

- Cover your table and set up your easel with the canvas unwrapped and placed on the easel.

- Have torn off paper towels handy.

- Just prior to class, (about 30 minutes or so) place your paints along the top long edge of the

palette as follows, going left to right, about 1 ½” apart. Squeeze out about one Hershey’s Kiss

size pile of each, except Phthalo Blue (use ½ Hershey’s Kiss size of that color.)

- Cadmium Yellow

- Sap Green

- Alizarin Crimson

- Phthalo Blue

- Titanium White

- Shake your Liquid White bottle vigorously and pour a small puddle on your palette paper, about

the size of the palm of your hand.

Here’s a pre-event video Faye made for you:

You’re now ready for class to begin! Let’s do it!

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