A Path Appears: Episode 3

February 10, 2015
11:00am Pacific Time
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Join us for a live chat and special online screening of A Path Appears - Episode 3: Violence and Solutions. We'll learn how community leaders and organizations are combating violence against women and girls in the U.S. and Kenya.

Hear stories, chat with experts and advocates from the film, and learn how you can make a difference during this special post-broadcast screening and discussion.

This event is hosted by Women and Girls Lead, in collaboration with A Path Appears and public media partners: KLRU-TV, Austin PBS and WGVU Public Media; and along with CARE and Shining Hope for Communities.

Video Descriptions

A Path Appears - Episode Three

Episode 3: “Violence and Solutions” Episode 3 follows Nicholas Kristof and Regina Hall to Atlanta to explore the work of two organizations that combat domestic violence. Then in Kenya, Mia Farrow and Ronan Farrow join Kristof as they visit Kibera, one of the largest slums in the world, and an organization which provides the area’s most at-risk young girls with a path out of poverty and abuse.

Coming to Independent Lens: A Path Appears

From the team behind the groundbreaking Half the Sky, A Path Appears goes to locations throughout the United States, plus Colombia, Haiti, and Kenya to uncover the harshest forms of gender-based oppression and human rights violations, and solutions being implemented to combat them.

89min 54sec


  • April Burcham and Amy TerHaar

    - April Burcham is the Director of Communications at KLRU-TV, Austin PBS. - Amy TerHaar is the Major Gifts & Grants Coordinator at WGVU Public Media.

  • April from KLRU

  • Renée Gasch

  • Locsi Ferra

  • Amy TerHaar


  • Jean Douglas

    Jean Douglas has served as Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence Executive Director for almost 18 years, and during that time she has become known as a leader in Atlanta in the subjects of domestic violence and women’s issues. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Georgia’s WIN List, and as a member of the DeKalb County Domestic Violence Task Force. Areas of Expertise: Responses to acts of violence; effects of legislative changes on domestic violence survivors; ending violence against women; domestic violence and the workplace; domestic violence as it connects to other women’s issues; stereotypes about domestic violence.

  • Richard P. Hiskes

    Richard P. Hiskes is Professor of Political Science and Honors at Grand Valley State University and Professor Emeritus of the University of Connecticut. His research and teaching specialties are political theory and human rights. He is formerly Editor (now Associate Editor) of the Journal of Human Rights, former President of the Human Rights Section of the American Political Science Association, and former Director of Undergraduate Programs at the Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut.

  • Jessica Posner Odede

    Jessica is the co-founder and COO of Shining Hope for Communities. She is a nationally recognized social entrepreneur and activist. Upon first meeting Kennedy in 2007 when working with SHOFCO in Kibera as a study abroad student, she became one of the first outsiders to live inside the slum and was deeply moved by the struggles facing the Kibera community. During Kenya’s 2007 post-election crisis, Jessica urged Kennedy to apply to U.S. universities. When Kennedy joined Jessica at Wesleyan University, fulfilling his own dreams of an education, they co-founded Shining Hope for Communities in 2009. That year, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa with honors in African-American Studies. She won the 2010 Do Something Award and was named “America’s top-world changer 25 and under” live on VH1. Jessica also received the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship. Jessica speaks Swahili and Luo. She splits her time between Nairobi and New York City.

  • Andy Soper

    Andy Soper is an advocate for some of the most vulnerable people in Michigan. After working with severely traumatized youth for 10 years, Andy founded the Manasseh Project and opened the first shelter for minor Human Trafficking victims in Michigan. He spends the majority of his time speaking, training others and developing programming to support youth in crisis – specifically trafficked and homeless youth. Andy works as the owner of Five Arrows Consulting and Board President of HQ – Grand Rapids’ Runaway and Homeless Youth Drop-In Center.

  • Julia Spann, MSW

    Julia Spann has served as the Executive Director of SafePlace in Austin, Texas, since July 2005. Julia was an important part of SafePlace’s history and development in her time with the agency from 1995-2002 when she served as Chief Program Officer. Prior to returning to SafePlace in 2005, Julia served as Executive Director of Caritas of Austin. She has also served as the Director of Social Services with the Salvation Army in Austin, and as Associate Vice President of Allocations with the United Way of Metropolitan Tarrant County. Julia has 26 years of experience in the human services field with specific areas of expertise ranging from women and children’s issues, poverty, basic needs, victimization, homelessness and more. She is committed to helping Austin become a better and safer place for people to live.

  • Leigh Stefanik

    Leigh Stefanik is a Gender-Based Violence Advisor at CARE USA. She supports learning on and integration of promising approaches to address GBV across CARE’s work, and advancing staff capacity and advocacy aims on GBV issues. She works in humanitarian and development settings, and has worked with local NGOs and the UN in Ghana, South Africa, and Uganda prior to joining CARE in 2010. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Cornell University, and a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from The Fletcher School at Tufts University, with an emphasis on gender-based violence, gender, international development, and humanitarian assistance.

  • Gloria Terry

    Gloria Terry has served as CEO of the Texas Council on Family Violence since January 2008. She has worked to guide and direct the statewide activities of TCFV, such as the Texas Legislative Session, establishing and fostering statewide tactical partnerships, working with staff to provide outstanding services to programs and strategically positioning TCFV to create the influence necessary to continue serving the needs of victims and their families. With a state-wide reach and direct local impact, TCFV, with the collective strength of more than 1000 members, shapes public policy, equips service providers, and initiates strategic prevention efforts. Visit us online at www.tcfv.org. As one of the country’s largest coalitions, TCFV’s membership is comprised of family violence service providers, supportive organizations, survivors of domestic violence, businesses and professionals, communities of faith and other concerned citizens.

  • Joseph M. Verschaeve

    With concentrations in symbolic interactionism, methodology, and organizational behavior, Prof. Verschaeve pursues knowledge through a reflexive-applied social psychology. His current research interest is focused upon trafficking in human beings (THB), human rights and equitable development in West Africa. Prof. Verschaeve is an officer and board member with International Sustainability Health Education and Water.

  • Sheryl WuDunn

    Sheryl WuDunnn, the first Asian-American reporter to win a Pulitzer Prize, is a business executive, lecturer, and best-selling author. With her husband Nicholas Kristof she coauthored four books: A Path Appears, Half the Sky, Thunder from the East, and China Wakes. They were awarded the Pulitzer in 1990 for their coverage of China, and the Dayton Literary Peace Prize in 2009. WuDunn worked at the Times as a business editor and foreign correspondent in Tokyo and Beijing, and now works in banking.

  • Richard Hiskes

  • Gloria Aguilera Terry

  • Jessica Posner Odede

  • Sheryl WuDunn

  • Julia Spann

  • Jean

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