Watch & Learn | Elinor Wonders Why

September 29, 2020
9:00am Mountain Time
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Join us every Tuesday in September at 9AM MST for a Watch and Learn series with MTPBS and the Montana Science Center!

We'll watch a new episode of Elinor Wonders Why together and then our team from MTPBS and the Montana Science Center will join you via live video to share activities, interactive questions, book ideas and more that pair with each of the episodes.

Video Description

Elinor Wonders Why FULL EPISODE | The Science of Staying Warm / The Seed of an Idea | PBS KIDS

"The Science of Staying Warm" It’s a wintery Saturday morning and Elinor, Olive and Ari are getting ready to go out and play in the snow with other kids, but Olive wonders why she has to wear so many winter clothes. This catches Elinor’s curiosity, so she observes that some kids have thick fur (like her) and others (like Olive) don’t. At the same time, she sees that the kids with thick fur don’t need coats, and the ones without thick fur need thicker coats. They conclude that fur must help animals stay warm. Now that Olive understands, she’s excited to put on her winter stuff and have fun in the snow! "The Seed of an Idea" Elinor becomes fascinated by the Velcro on Ari's new watch and convinces her friends to help her find out how it works. First, they make a list of what Velcro sticks to and what it doesn’t stick to, but they need more observations, so they head out onto the playground. While outside, they observe that Velcro is very similar to a burr seed that is stuck to Ari’s shirt, which is no coincidence at all! That’s when they learn that the invention of Velcro was based off the burr seed. Nature is full of all sorts of inventive ideas! Watch and play more games at or download the *FREE* PBS KIDS Video and Games app at

45 minutes


  • Laura Dick

    Digital Content Manager, MTPBS


  • Deanna Mydland

    Early Learning Specialist, MTPBS

  • Sarah Snider

    Program Coordinator, MSC

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