Live Panel Event featuring Newtown

April 1, 2017
4:15pm Eastern Time
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Welcome to a special live panel discussion presented by CPTV. This event will connect residents across the state to engage in discussion about gun violence and how it affects urban, suburban, and rural communities.

This urban/suburban “exchange” between residents of Newtown and Hartford will focus on building empathy and a shared sense of grief and healing in two communities that have been deeply impacted by trauma related to gun violence. Inspired by the powerful collaboration that formed between Hartford’s Pastor Sam Saylor and Newtown community members, this exchange will address the gulf between the empathy that is shown for victims of gun violence in urban vs. suburban communities. The dialogue and gathering will be an important step towards expanding the impact and reach of the work of Pastor Sam and Newtown organizers in building alliances between communities of color and suburban and rural white communities.

The panel portion of the event will be livestreamed from Wesleyan University via OVEE online audience on Saturday, April 1st, just 2 days before the film's premiere national broadcast on Independent Lens on PBS April 3rd. We will channel questions and comments from online participants to the panel and live audience at Wesleyan.

Video Descriptions

Newtown Intro 2

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Newtown - Trailer

Filmed over the course of nearly three years, Newtown uses deeply personal, never-before-heard testimonies to relate the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting of schoolchildren in American history, documenting a traumatized community still reeling from the senseless tragedy, fractured by grief but driven toward a sense of purpose

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Newtown Outro

120 minutes


  • Danielle Orange

    Producer, ITVS


  • Milton Reynolds

    Milton Reynolds is a Senior Program Associate with Facing History and Ourselves. Before joining Facing History he spent over ten years as a middle school teacher, diversity/communications consultant and as a curriculum design specialist and has over 30 years of counseling experience. Dedicated to improving dialogue and implementing innovative solutions to address difficult social issues such as race relations and juvenile justice and delinquency concerns, Milton sustains a high level of engagement in his home community.

  • Marc Steiner, Host of The Marc Steiner Show

    In 1993, when the General Manager of Johns Hopkins University’s radio station WJHU decided the station needed a public interest radio show, Marc Steiner asked if he could give it a shot. He was given a phone, a studio, one hour a week, and told to do the best he could. Thus was born The Marc Steiner Show. In the twenty years hence, Marc has become one of the most recognized voices in Maryland and has gained national acclaim for his insightful style of interviewing.

  • Kim A. Snyder, Director of “Newtown”

    Kim A. Snyder’s film Welcome To Shelbyville was a recipient of a Gucci-Tribeca Documentary Fund grant, an official selection of the US State Department's American Documentary Showcase, and was nationally broadcast on PBS's Independent Lens in 2011. In 2007, Snyder co-founded the BeCause Foundation to direct and produce a series of socially conscious documentaries, which have won numerous awards with campaigns furthering the work of the social innovators they highlight. She directed and produced the award-winning documentary feature I Remember Me, which was theatrically distributed by Zeitgeist Films.

  • Mark Barden, Founder and Managing Director, Sandy Hook Promise

    Since the tragic loss of his son Daniel, one of 20 first-graders murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School along with six educators, Mark has dedicated himself to bringing people together to find sensible solutions that will prevent future tragedies and spare other families the pain of losing a child to gun violence. As Managing Director, Mark leads and manages the organization with Nicole Hockley, mother of Dylan who was killed on 12/14. Mark focuses on policy and outreach efforts for Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) and frequently serves as a spokesperson for the organization.

  • Pastor Samuel Saylor, Vice President of the National Gun Victims Action Council

    Reverend Saylor has spent much of his efforts fighting for gun reform laws after the loss of his son Shane, who was murdered in October of 2012. Joining forces with parents and individuals from Newtown, he has traveled many times to Washington, DC and other cities to lobby for responsible gun legislation. In a speech in Hartford, Rev. Saylor coined the phrase; “We Are Newtown”, after gaining insight into the interconnectedness of both urban and suburban abhorrence of Gun Violence.

  • Rev. Matthew Crebbin, Senior Minister of the Newtown Congregational Church, UCC

    Reverend Crebbin has been the Senior Minister of Newtown Congregational Church, UCC in Newtown, CT since 2007. He has served faith communities in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He has preached, lectured and taught in faith communities, Seminaries and secular settings across the country. His ministry has focused: theological dialogue, ecumenical and interfaith partnerships, grief and trauma ministry - as well as justice and peace advocacy. He currently serves as the Coordinator of the Newtown Interfaith Clergy Association.

  • Milton Reynolds

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