Young Lakota Online Screening & Chat

November 26, 2013
11:00am Pacific Time
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Welcome to this screening of Young Lakota, directed and produced by Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt. Watch and chat with the filmmakers and film subjects Sunny Clifford and Cecilia Fire Thunder. Moderated by Shirley Sneve, Executive Director of Vision Maker Media.

Young Lakota is one of 50 films included in the Women and Girls Lead campaign. Women and Girls is a public media campaign that uses documentary films to showcase extraordinary women and girls who are changing the world.

Video Description

Young Lakota

When South Dakota abortion politics bring political turmoil to the doorstep on the Pine Ridge Reservation, three young idealists and the tribe's first female president have to decide how far they will go to change politics as usual in their own community.

55min 32sec


  • Renee Gasch

    National Community Engagement Manager at ITVS. Renee manages the Community Cinema screening series and supports the Women and Girls Lead campaign by hosting online screenings and discussions.

  • Shirley Sneve

  • Jonathan

  • Jonathan

  • Locsi Ferra


  • Rose Rosenblatt

    Rose Rosenblatt wears multiple hats as a producer, director, and editor. In 1991, she formed Incite Pictures/Cine Qua Non with Marion Lipschutz and together they have produced long format documentaries on social and cultural issues. Projects include: The Education of Shelby Knox — Sundance FF (Best Cinematography), SXSW (Audience Award), Full Frame, Miami Gay and Lesbian FF (Jury Prize) Human Rights Watch FF (POV 2005); Live Free or Die — Human Rights Watch FF, Woodstock FF (POV 2000); Fatherhood USA (PBS 1998); The Abortion Pill (PBS 1997); The Trenchcoat Gang, truTV (2003); and Code Blue: New Orleans on The Learning Channel (2001). Recently Rose was the script consultant and editor for Body and Soul, nominated for Best Short Documentary category for the Academy Awards.

  • Sunny Clifford

    Sunny Clifford is featured in Young Lakota alongside her twin sister Serena and their neighbor Brandon Ferguson. They all live on Pine Ridge Reservation and share a common dream of helping to create a better future for their tribe.

  • Cecilia Fire Thunder

    Cecilia Fire Thunder is featured in Young Lakota and was elected the first female president of the Oglala Sioux. When South Dakota passes a law criminalizing abortion, Fire Thunder takes a stand by proposing a women's health clinic providing abortions on the reservation but open to all local women.

  • Shirley Sneve

    Executive Director of Vision Maker Media.

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