Duluth Lynchings: 100 Years Later

June 8, 2020
2:00pm Central Time
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The Duluth Lynchings: 100 Years Later

The CEO of the Minnesota Humanities Center, Kevin Lindsey, will host a conversation to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the lynchings in Duluth with panelists Carl Crawford, Duluth Human Rights Director, Judge LaJune Thomas Lange, and Augsburg Professor of History, Dr. William Green. They will talk about the social and economic conditions present in Duluth and the United States in 1920 and how the criminal justice system failed to protect Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson, and Isaac McGhie from being lynched and Max Mason being afforded a fair trial.

The panel will also discuss today’s challenges and barriers in the administration of our legal system that result in the perpetuation of the denial of justice for African Americans and help shape a broader culture of devaluing the lives of African Americans that lead to the tragic deaths of individuals such as Mr. George Floyd. The panel will also discuss what positive steps that society can take together in reimagining the criminal justice system.

The event will include segments from TPT’s “North Star: Minnesota’s Black Pioneers” show and clips from an interview with "The Lynchings in Duluth" author Michael Fedo focused on the events that lead to the lynchings, the legal system, and the role of the mob. The event will conclude with several breakout sessions which will allow individuals an opportunity to talk with panelists and community leaders on historical, media, or legal issues.

Video Descriptions

TPT NorthernLights

TPT NorthernLights

TPT Duluth slides video

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TPT Duluth slides video

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TPT Duluth slides video

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TPT Duluth slides video

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90 minutes


  • TPT Events

    The events staff at TPT-Twin Cites PBS is proud to bring you events like this. TPT uses television, interactive media and community engagement to advance education, culture and citizenship. TPT tells stories that matter.


  • Kevin Lindsey, CEO Minnesota Humanities Center

    Kevin is a widely respected advocate and lawyer with a wealth of experience in public policy and education reform. A proven change-maker, Kevin’s career has focused on finding solutions to complex issues for institutions, both internally and externally. Kevin has a passion for inclusion for all, building a stronger democracy, and leveraging the power of personal stories. Kevin has held numerous governmental and nonprofit positions; such as board chair and interim executive director of Walker West Music Academy and most recently serving as the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights from 2011 to 2019. He was recently honored by his alma mater with the 2017 Iowa Law Review Distinguished Alumni Award and recognized as a “50 Over 50 disruptor honoree” by AARP Minnesota and Pollen 2018.

  • Judge LaJune Thomas Lange, Minnesota Honorary Consul

    The Honorable LaJune Thomas Lange began her legal career with the Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office as a trial lawyer until appointed by the governor to the trial court in 1985. Judge Lange served as a Fourth Judicial District Court Judge for the State of Minnesota handling complex civil and criminal cases until her recent retirement. Judge Lange now serves as Senior Fellow with the Roy Wilkins Center for Human Relations and Social Justice at the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs. She is a founding member of the Minnesota Minority Lawyers Association and has served on the Minnesota State Bar Association Board of Governors, Minnesota Women Lawyers, Minnesota Public Interest Research Foundation, American Bar Association, National Bar Association, Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers, Minnesota Supreme Court Racial Bias Task Force. Judge Lange is an internationally recognized expert in human rights and the rule of law in developing nations.

  • Carl Crawford, Human Rights Officer for the City of Duluth

    Mr. Crawford helped draft the original Human Rights Ordinance, served as past chairman of Duluth’s Human Rights Commission and was a board member of the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial. Mr. Crawford served on numerous boards of directors, including at Community Action Duluth, Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, Woodland Hills, Men as Peacemakers, the NAACP, the Ordean Foundation, SOAR, and the American Cancer Society. He received the 2012 Martin Luther King Jr. Drum Major for Peace Award.

  • Dr. William (Bill) Green, Professor of History at Augsburg University

    Dr. Green has published articles, op-ed pieces, and book chapters on history, law, and education, and has published several books on race and civil rights in Minnesota history including “The Children of Lincoln: White Paternalism and the Limits of Black Opportunity in Minnesota, 1860-1876,” which won the 2020 Minnesota Book Award-Hognander Prize. Dr. Green has also lectured at Peabody College-Vanderbilt University, St. John’s University, and Lincoln College-Oxford University. While serving as Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools, Dr. Green studied school reform at Harvard University.

  • Daniel Pierce Bergin, Senior Producer at TPT

    Mr. Bergin is an award-winning television producer, media educator, and independent filmmaker. Mr. Bergin has worked as an artist-in-residence in countless classrooms and has lectured and consulted on media art issues for a range of organizations and institutions.

  • Michael Fedo

    Michael Fedo, a Duluth native, was correspondent for the New York Times and a professor at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and author of “The Lynchings in Duluth.” He is the author of four other books, and his writings have appeared in numerous publications, include the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Newsday, and the Christian Science Monitor.

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