Art & Belonging

October 21, 2020
7:00pm Eastern Time
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How do people feel like they belong in place and time? Or don’t belong? What role can the arts play in helping build that sense of connection or highlighting the intentional alienation of certain people from places, times, and societies? This moving and thought-provoking evening of short films will explore the convergence of art and sustainability. Our sense of (dis)connection may range from scales as small as your cubicle to as large as the planet itself, but, however we try to connect, the arts are a vital response to the need for community and belonging as we respond to a host of sustainability challenges.

(Presented in cooperation with the College of Arts and Architecture)

Video Description

Three Seconds - 1st Prize Short Film Winner #Film4Climate

1st Prize Short Film Winner of the Film4Climate Global Video Competition 2016 presented by Connect4Climate and partners. Author: Spencer Sharp featuring Prince Ea Country: United States of America Category: Short Film About Three Seconds: An epic presentation of where humanity stands today and how we must all work together to make it to the fourth second. Climate Change is real. Three Seconds is a short motivational piece to get younger and older generations alike to stand up for trees and a clean future. This spoken word piece by artist Prince Ea was designed to put into perspective our existence on earth’s timeline and to excite viewers for the fight against the status quo that too often disregards Mother Nature. The Film4Climate Competition was an activation under the Film4Climate initiative of the Connect4Climate program that aims to use film and work with the film industry to inspire climate action. The competition was supported by the World Bank Group, United Nations (UNSDG, UNEP, UNFCCC), Kingdom of Morocco, Sundance Institute,Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, Vulcan Productions, Enel, The Global Brain, Concepter and more than 70 partner organizations. At the competition’s announcement in Cannes, producer and jury member Lawrence Bender said, “In every country, every city, people have different stories on climate change...there are many stories that can be told. If this worldwide film competition creates a critical mass of ideas and energy, it could help tip the balance in terms of focusing people’s attention.” As the next five years will be critical to advancing and scaling up climate action around the world as part of the SDGs, the COP22 climate summit aims to encourage countries to implement ambitious climate actions, with youth playing a vital role in the agenda. See more at See all winners: Share with #Film4Climate Connect for Climate Action by joining the Connect4Climate movement.

180 minutes


  • Tamra

    Tamra is the Event Coordinator for WPSU.

  • Anonymous N20O

  • Peter Boger

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