Resisting Narratives of Erasure

February 18, 2021
7:00pm Eastern Time
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Thank you for joining us for a special screening of the RESISTING NARRATIVES OF ERASURE film series.

The series is produced by Visionary Justice StoryLab, and presented in partnership with Southern Fried Queer Pride and Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative.

Video Descriptions

OVEE Intro

Resisting Narratives of Erasure Series

RESISTING NARRATIVES OF ERASURE features stories and insights from Southern based BIPOC, queer, trans and gender non-conforming filmmakers on contemporary issues such as movements and uprisings for Black lives, gender freedom, queer liberation across diasporic cultures, and more. The films were commissioned as part of an artist development and investment series to advance liberatory narratives by content creators and included a two-day learning lab with industry professionals. From narrative and documentary films to installation-based and experimental shorts, the filmmakers employed various formats and approaches in their work. The result is a collage of viewpoints engaging Afrofuturism, performance art, archival footage, and more to convey stories of struggle, visibility, love and solidarity.

1:15 minutes


  • Shontina Vernon

    Creative Director/ Lead Producer of Visionary Justice StoryLab

  • Rebecca

  • Lara

  • Lara


  • Kemari Bryant

    Kemari Bryant is a BFA Actor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, as well as co-founder and Co-Head of Development of Adynaton Productions. He has always had a passion for filmmaking and has previously directed and co-written “Sad Clown”, "Libations", and has served as co-director on his most recent project, "Brina", which he also co-wrote. He is in the middle of directing his latest short film currently, “Mothman: An Anti-Hate Superhero Comedy”.

  • Jasmine Leeward

    Jasmine's primary goals as a filmmaker is to radicalize imaginations and translate complex policy into accessible stories that inspire people to action. Her work is anchored in pan-africanism. She sees her art as a reflection of Audre Lorde’s definition of survival: learning how to stand alone, unpopular and sometimes reviled, and how to make common cause with those others identified as outside the structures in order to define and seek a world in which we can all flourish. Jasmine enjoys eating mangos on her auntie’s porch in Ghana, singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” at any karaoke bar, and watching whale documentaries. Her first short film “dusk” was selected for the 2020 Africana Film Festival.

  • Ella Figueiredo

    Ella Figueiredo is a Brazilian born filmmaker. Her work focuses on telling a visually impactful story through an emotive approach. Ella has always found fascination in the unconventional. Being a queer Latina female herself, she has made it a priority to listen and tell marginalized stories that would otherwise go unheard. Every form of art intrigues Ella and this enveloped interest in it all has reassured her ultimate love for filmmaking - the ultimate combination of every form of art into one.

  • Joie Lou Shakur

    Joie Lou Shakur (they/them) is a Black Trans immigrant from Jamaica. They are currently a Southern organizer, medicine maker, and filmmaker based in Durham, NC. Joie Lou (@joieloushakur) is the founding director of House of Pentacles, a Film Fellowship Program and Production House focused on cultural organizing and narrative power led by and for Black Trans and Gender Non-Conforming people. In addition to their work with House of P, Joie Lou facilitates healing circles for Black folks at the intersection of sexual trauma and racial violence. When they’re not building Black futures, Black Trans possibilities, or behind a camera, you can find Joie Lou dancing, practicing for karaoke, or cooking traditional Jamaican Sunday dinners on a Tuesday afternoon.

  • Hannah Patterson

    Hannah Patterson is a Director, Director of Photography, Actor and Writer. Newly graduated with a Master's from Georgia State University in May 2020, Hannah enjoys making films that reach different people and invite them to feel something.

  • Jade Wilson

    Jade Wilson is a Black trans documentary photographer, photojournalist and video artist based in the Raleigh-Durham area. Jade examines the self in relation to others and reveals the identity of an individual and a community. Their focus on finding the beauty behind the pain of love and isolation is informed by their past. For Jade, their technique is to illuminate the relationship between identity and representation.

  • Jon Copes

    Jon Copes is an emerging intermedia artist from Raleigh, North Carolina. Jon is interested in sharing his point of view as a weird, black, Gen-Z creator in the South. His work muses about love, loneliness, identity, and human connection in the internet age. As an artist, Jon's goals are to find beauty in simplicity and the everyday, to share the empowerment that comes from finding spaces to belong, and to dismantle the structures that constrain artistry and reimagine"making" in a digital era.

  • ND Johnson

    ND (Indie) Johnson is a 24-year-old Black, gender nonconforming trans fem who uses they/ them pronouns. They graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Media Arts and Media Management. They’ve held the Regional Communications Fellow position for Southerners On New Ground rooting their practices in organizing and world-building while helping to move campaign work and change narratives surrounding queer/trans person of color (QTPOC) and incarcerated people.

  • Safae Lahgazi Alaoui

    Safae Lahgazi Alaoui is an Afro-Arab from the cross-section of American culture and Moroccan upbringing. An artist learning how to uncensor herself. A Muslim femme who knows the only lasting truth is Change. A believer in a just and joyful future. She is pursuing the art of story through filmmaking and has written and directed a short film, How Many Times. She isn’t afraid to tackle the shadows with some humor and nuance.

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