Jewish 48ers in the Civil War

November 24, 2020
3:00pm Eastern Time
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National Museum of American Jewish Military History presents The Jewish 48'ers in the American Civil War.

Video Description

The Jewish 48'ers: in the American Civil War

Uploaded as Unlisted on YouTube for this time: and for film festival's use! The Jewish 48'ers: in the American Civil War - a colourised and educational documentary on the Jews: telling the story of the revolutions of 1848 and the Civil War from the Jewish perspective.

50min 31sec


  • Michael Rugel

    Michael Rugel is the Programs and Content Coordinator at the National Museum of American Jewish Military History. Rugel has frequently written about Jews in the American military and produced a series of videos featuring Jews in the American military including American Jewish liberators of concentration camps describing their World War II experiences. He regularly speaks about the history of Jews in the American Military at museum programs as well as to local schools, synagogues, community centers and veterans groups.


  • Peter Rosenbluth

    Peter Rosenbluth is the director of The Jewish 48'ers: in the American Civil War. HIs next film is From Heroes to Sentenced: German, Austro-Hungarian Jewish WW1 soldiers, veterans and the Holocaust

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