Learning with Littles

November 13, 2018
7:00pm Eastern Time
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Teachers, join us as we nurture curiosity and critical thinking with our littles!

This virtual professional learning experience will provide tips on how to responsibly integrate media in the classroom for your early learners. How do you encourage an eagerness to explore in the classroom? A desire to learn? What are the best methods to keep students engaged and learning in the classroom? Designed by educators, this professional learning event was specially designed for PreK-2 teachers. You will be introduced to a number of teaching models and strategies to help your students nurture their natural sense of curiosity as they develop essential critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Led by PBS Digital Innovator All Stars Elisabeth Bostwick and Jared Morgan, this session highlights exciting resources and models that can immediately be implemented in the classroom.

If you are unable to attend the live virtual event, we will send a recording of the event in a follow-up email to all registrants. PBS will provide a certificate of attendance for the one hour virtual professional learning event.

Video Descriptions

Learning With Littles: Welcome Card Final

Episode 1

Cat in the Hat Video

Learning With Littles: Goodbye Card Final

60 minutes


  • Nora Mohamed


  • Elisabeth Bostwick

    Elisabeth is passionate about sparking curiosity and unleashing creativity to empower learning. She continues to be a risk taker and leader in education as she creates experiences that encourage learners to identify their passions and leverage their unique talents to shine. Elisabeth avidly seeks alternative methods to innovate in the classroom and support systemic change for learners to thrive. She is the author of the forthcoming book #LEAPeffect which will be published by IMPress and Dave Burgess Publishing Inc. Elisabeth is also co-authoring the 2nd Edition of Education Write Now #EdWriteNow along with several educators, set to be published in December 2018. Elisabeth is driven to elevate education by giving back to the greater good while serving as a support and source of inspiration to others.

  • Jared Morgan

    If you walked into Jared’s classroom, he says, you would hear a bustle of noise as students brainstorm, ask questions, and work together in their groups to investigate how the world around them works. You would also see Chromebooks in his students’ hands as they research, write, simulate, and share their discoveries. Jared believes in the power of digital innovation because he has seen his classroom become a more engaged and efficient space as a result of it. “My goal as a science teacher is to create a space where students are encouraged to collaborate, think critically, and solve real-world problems,” he says. “Infusing the classroom with technology is an integral part of achieving that goal.”

  • Sara Sweetman

    Dr. Sara Sweetman is an Assistant Professor at the University of Rhode Island (URI) and the Director of the Guiding Education in Math and Science Network (GEMS-Net). She effectively bridges research and practice by engaging pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, school administrators, and the community in reform-based STEM programs. Sara is also a children’s media consultant and head advisor for the US Department of Education’s Ready to Learn Children’s Programing grant. She has advised numerous projects with a variety of multimedia platforms connected to Sesame Street Workshop, Electric Company, The Cat in the Hat Knows Alot About That and other PBS/CBP educational programs. She appeared on Sesame Street exploring science concepts with Murray the Muppet. Through teaching, consulting, advising, and research Sara builds public awareness and knowledge about the importance and joy of engaging in the nature of science and engineering.

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