Conversations for Change - PUSHOUT

March 10, 2021
7:00pm Eastern Time
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We invite you to watch the documentary PUSHOUT: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools. Afterwards, stay with us for an interactive conversation about the film.

Panelists include:

- Jacoba Atlas - Director, Writer & Executive Producer, PUSHOUT

- Denise Pines - Executive Producer, PUSHOUT

- Kimberly Haven - Director of Policy, Advocacy & Outreach, From Prison Cells to PhD

- Tenaj Moody - Director of Programming, From Prison Cells to PhD


The mission of From Prison Cells to PhD is to help inspire individuals who were previously incarcerated to excel beyond what society and life circumstances have set to be the norm. To learn more visit their website:


Black Girls in school are facing educational, judicial and societal disparities. This has to change. Our Girls deserve more. More about Pushout - The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools, the book the film is based on, policy recommendations for agencies and individuals at the federal, state, and local level, how you can help, and much more, please visit

Video Descriptions

Conversations for Change: Pushout - Opening Video

Welcome to OVEE

Pushout - The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools

PUSHOUT takes a close look at the educational, judicial, and societal disparities facing Black girls. Inspired by the groundbreaking book of the same name, the documentary confronts the ways in which the misunderstanding of Black girlhood has led to excessive punitive discipline which in turn disrupts one of the most important factors in their lives, their education.

Conversations for Change: Pushout - Hold Slide

71min 20sec


  • MPT Events Team


  • Jacoba Atlas - Director, Writer & Executive Producer, PUSHOUT

    Jacoba Atlas is an award-winning documentarian and broadcast executive. Her extensive list of credits include an Emmy and a Peabody for her work in projects like “Survivors of the Holocaust,” executive produced by Steven Spielberg. Her other well-known projects include “Dying to Tell the Story” which was shortlisted for an Oscar, and profiles extraordinary women for OWN, hosted by Julia Roberts. She has written, produced and directed seven prime-time PBS documentaries, including: “Too Important to Fail,” which details the education crisis facing Black boys; “A Call to Conscience,” a deconstruction of Martin Luther King Jr.’s pivotal Vietnam Speech; and “Conducting a Life,” a profile of conductor Gustavo Dudamel. From 2000 to 2006, she was head of national content for PBS. For the Turner networks, she wrote and produced the six-part Emmy nominated landmark series, “A Century of Women” about the history of American women in the 20thCentury. The series research and complete interviews are archived at the Schlesinger Library at Harvard University. Atlas began her career at NBC News.

  • Denise Pines - Executive Producer, PUSHOUT

    Denise Pines is the President of the Medical Board of California. She is an award-winning marketer and serial entrepreneur. She has participated in 10 startups, including multimedia companies and foundations. For PBS and NPR, she has been the creative consultant for several talk shows including one with a 14-year run and ten documentaries. Pines has more than 20 years of management, sales and marketing experience in personality brand management and traditional media. She is responsible for strategic planning and business development for denise+pinesinc., a socially responsible brand strategy, media development, and event management firm. She has degrees from San Francisco State University (BS), John F. Kennedy University (MBA), and Stanford University (MBA).

  • Kimberly Haven - Director of Policy, Advocacy & Outreach, From Prison Cells to PhD

    Kimberly Haven is a thought leader and a powerful voice and force in the social justice movement. She is a focus-issue expert and is a frequently called upon speaker and is a sought-after expert for legislative testifying and media commentary on a broad range of criminal justice reform and advocacy issues. She consults routinely with national, state, and local elected officials and executives on criminal justice issues. During her extensive career she has played a leadership role in numerous statewide efforts and she has the unique distinction of being one of only 2 formerly incarcerated individuals (and the only woman) who has written and gotten passed into law several pieces of legislation at both the State and City levels that have resonated across the nation. She is an author, advocate and activist and brings a fresh voice, insight and authority that brings new attention to the issues in the criminal justice system. She is a 2020 JustLeadership USA LwC Fellow, a 2020 Women Transcending Collective Leadership Institute Fellow and was a 2016 Justice Policy Network Fellow.

  • Tenaj Moody - Director of Programming, From Prison Cells to PhD

    Tenaj is a Licensed Behavior Specialist and earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Joseph's University. She was born in Virginia, raised in Northeast Philadelphia by a single parent who was incarcerated over eighteen times. She has used her experiences as a catalyst to drive her passion to help others. Tenaj has a broad knowledge of program management principles working in the non- profit sector. She has successfully managed programs addressing prison education, and victim advocacy. Addressing education, prison education and victim advocacy, she has worked as a program/social media manager, special education teacher, counselor, coach, and victim advocate working with survivors of trauma for over five years now. In addition, she is the founder/CEO of Light to Life, LLC, a domestic violence prevention program.

  • Karen Gibbs, Panel Discussion Moderator

    Veteran Business Television Anchor and Correspondent, Karen Gibbs is President and Founder of The Gibbs Perspective, a company concerned with and dedicated to financial literacy and investor education.

  • From Prison Cells To PhD

  • Kimberly

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