Sundial Film Festival

March 6, 2021
6:00pm Pacific Time
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Welcome to the 13th Annual Sundial Film Festival!

Video Descriptions


SFF Chair Opening Speech

Friendship Internship: Short Film

Robert applies to be an intern at the F.O.G. (Friendship, Opportunity, Goals) in hopes of finding better friends, but in the end get's treated more like an Intern.

Friendship Internship: Word from the Director

Here's a short word from me talking about what the film means to me!

Intro for "Farm to Families"

Farm to Families

Farm to Families documents the amazing community collaboration, spearheaded by Rogue Valley Farm 2School, to bring fresh, organic produce boxes to food insecure families in the Rogue Valley.

Kathy Roselli For Sundial Film Festival

Commentary about the making of "Farm to Families"

Intro to With Love Wyatt

With Love Wyatt

With Love Wyatt Interview

Intro to Break and Active 20-30 Club Video

CA Locations Tour

60 Second - Horizontal

Shasta College Anthem 30 Cutdown

:30s version of our longer Showcase video

Sundial Film Fest KIXE Interstitial

Sundial Film Festival video 2021

Intro for "Le Photomaton"

Intro for Le Photomaton

Sundial Film Festival 2021

Le Photomaton

Intro to Hike to Mt Lassen

Lassen Hike

Lassen Interview

Intro for "Imagination Man"

Introducing Budweiser Zero

Introducing Budweiser Zero, a new zero-alcohol, zero-sugar brew with the refreshing, full-flavored taste you expect from Budweiser. Voice over by Dwyane Wade, Budweiser Zero Co-Founder. 0% Alcohol. 100% on your game.


Patriot Makers - Unique Patriotic Apparel and Gifts!

Check us out at At Patriot Makers, we are all about providing the best quality, most unique patriotic gifts and apparel. From sublimated shirts and hoodies, 360° laser engraved stainless tumblers, and original artwork, you won't find this stuff anywhere else!

A word from the McConnell Foundation


By Travis Marlatt and Jonathan Thornton Additional Graphics by Brad McLean

Sundial Q&A

Intro for "A Friend of Mine"

A Friend of Mine

Sundial Film Festival

Sundial Film Festival 2021 "A Friend of Mine" by Anna Mendes and Danny LeClaire

Intro to voting

How to vote

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74min 45sec


  • Abbey Perry

    Sundial Film Festival Event Chair and Board Member for the Active 20-30 Club of Redding.

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