PBA Presents: The Graduates/Los Graduados (Girls and Young Women)

November 7, 2013
7:00pm Eastern Time
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Public Broadcasting Atlanta is hosting a public screening of a new two-part, bilingual documentary from Independent Lens called "The Graduates / Los Graduados," which is about the many issues facing Latin youth in their attempts to graduate from high school.

This online screening will highlight the young women of “The Graduates” documentary – as part two of our American Graduate outreach effort.

The online discussion will be moderated by Liz Lieberman with Spanish interpretation by Jeannette Knoop.

Video Description

The Graduates - The Girls

This two-part film explores pressing issues in education today through the eyes of six Latino and Latina students from across the US. This episode features Stephanie, a budding activist on the South Side of Chicago; Chastity, a Bronx teen whose family has become homeless; and Darlene, a Tulsa student who reenters school after having a baby in order to make a good future for her son.

55min 32sec



  • Liz Lieberman

    Liz Lieberman is the co-founder and executive director of talk about your future, Inc, (TAYF) an organization dedicated to helping students realize and follow a passion so they will stay in school and pursue further education. Her organization works to link professionals with students to help them see what their future can be like. An executive, business and career coach who works with companies in organizational culture, Liz started TAYF as a volunteer effort to learn how we can live happier lives by planning for our future earlier. Learning about the drop-out crisis, she changed her initial plan to help address this crisis head-on.

  • Jeanette Knoop

    Spanish Interpreter

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