WPSU Monster Bash!

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October 31, 2020
6:00pm Eastern Time
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Trick or Treat Night doesn’t have to be scary. Thanks for coming to WPSU’s Monster Bash! We've got a virtual costume and pajama party, sing-alongs, making a spooky snack, learning about bats and spiders, and many more activities. We'll also be joined by your PBS pals Daniel Tiger, Pinkalicious, Peg + Cat and more.

Video Descriptions

🎃Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood FULL EPISODE | Katerina's Costume / Dress Up Day | PBS KIDS

Daniel and Katerina are at Miss Elaina's Museum-Go-Round to make their costumes for Dress Up Day. While Daniel and Miss Elaina know exactly what they want to be, Katerina is having a harder time deciding on just the right costume. Eventually she comes up with a very clever idea! / It's Dress Up Day in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and it's time for the annual main street parade! The children visit all the stores, showing off their fancy costumes and receiving different stickers from their neighbors. Watch and play more games at pbskids.org or download the *FREE* PBS KIDS Video and Games app at pbskids.org/apps/

Monster Bash 2020: Arboretum Pumpkin Fest

Monster Bash 2020: Gabby's Spooky Treats

Sesame Street: Halloween Street Story

Happy Halloween on Sesame Street

Monster Bash 2020: Speckled Little Pumpkin

Monster Bash 2020: I Spy Halloween and Nature with Kate

🎃Peg + Cat FULL EPISODE | The Parade Problem / The Halloween Problem | PBS KIDS

Peg and Cat need to sort out recyclables to clean up the park in time for the nursery school's Halloween Parade. / While trick or treating, Peg and Cat find themselves pursued by a metal monster. Later they teach fair sharing to a "friend" who turns out to be a real tiger! Watch and play more games at pbskids.org or download the *FREE* PBS KIDS Video and Games app at pbskids.org/apps/

Monster Bash 2020: Halloween Songs by Melanie

🎃Pinkalicious & Peterrific FULL EPISODE | Pink or Treat / Berry Scary | PBS KIDS

A huge storm has knocked out Pinkville’s power lines just days before Halloween! It looks like the holiday will be canceled -- that is unless Pink-a-girl and Pirate Peter can find a way to save the day! / Interstitial: Kids meet pumpkin carver, Chris Soria, and learn how he uses pumpkins to create unique and fun designs. / Pinkalicious, Peter, Rafael and Frida are off to collect berries for their homemade smoothies, but when they arrive at the community garden, they find birds have eaten almost all the berries! To keep the birds away, the kids build a scarecrow – but will it be scary enough? Watch and play more games at pbskids.org or download the *FREE* PBS KIDS Video and Games app at pbskids.org/apps/

125 minutes


  • Tamra

    Tamra is the Event Coordinator for WPSU

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