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  1. Add to Calendar05/31/2023 12:00:00 am05/31/2023 01:00:00 amAmerica/Los_AngelesOVEE Deactivation<b>OVEE Deactivation FAQ</b> <b>Why is OVEE sunsetting? What process informed the decision to sunset OVEE?</b> Every few years we conduct a competitive analysis to help support decision-making around OVEE. This past spring OVEE partners participated in an analysis that involved benchmarking the features and functionality of OVEE against other products and talking to stakeholders about its strengths, weaknesses and future potential. The analysis highlighted newer commercial platforms that come closer than they once did to OVEE’s user experience and offer 24/7 tech support and other services that ITVS is not equipped to provide. After an extensive discovery process, ITVS made the difficult decision to deactivate OVEE and focus its tech innovation resources on the interactive feedback platform DocSCALE. To learn more about DocSCALE, click below: <b>Are you recommending another virtual engagement platform?</b> No, we are not recommending a specific engagement platform as our analysis revealed that most partners are now familiar with many other tools including Hopin, Maestro, and Vimeo Live to name a few. <b>Will there be a free virtual engagement platform provided for the next Indie Lens Pop-Up season (2023-2024)?</b> Yes, we are currently demoing some popular platforms and plan to select one by July 2023. We will use the summer to conduct partner training in preparation for the 2023-2024 Indie Lens Pop-Up season. If you have a preferred platform or features, please write to the Indie Lens Pop-Up team <b>What is the last day we can host a screening event on OVEE?</b> May 30, 2023 is the very last day you can host a screening event on OVEE. <b>Will you continue training and support until May 30, 2023?</b> Yes, our support team will continue to answer questions and provide technical support and training until the platform is deactivated.
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