OVEE Diagnostics

  1. You have
  2. You have  version 
  3. Testing live event connection:
    Your connection to the server is working.
    There was a problem communicating with the server:
Sorry, your Operating System version is not supported by OVEE; see list below for system requirements. Please try using a different device to access OVEE.
Sorry, your Browser version is either out of date, or is not one of the primary browsers supported by OVEE. Please update your browser version if possible, or use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) to access OVEE.

For questions, please send a screenshot of this diagnostics page to ovee.support@itvs.org.

Your computer passed the test, OVEE should work as intended!

Minimum system requirements:

For best results, use latest browser versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari *
  • Mac OS: 10.10+, using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Windows OS: 7+ using Edge, Chrome, or Firefox
  • iPad/iPhone iOS: 10.3.3 + using Safari, Chrome or Firefox
  • Android OS: 6+, using Chrome
  • Windows 7 operating systems must use Firefox or Chrome (latest version download) as Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported

* Safari 11+ users must set video to "Allow All Auto-Play" for ovee.itvs.org website via Safari Preferences -> Websites -> Auto-Play
For technical support, please email ovee@itvs.org.