OVEE Diagnostics

  1. You have
  2. You have  version 
    OVEE requires
    version or higher. You have version
  3. Testing live event connection:
    Your connection to the server is working.
    There was a problem communicating with the server:

Please send a screenshot of this page toovee@itvs.org.

Visit theOVEE Troubleshooting FAQ for instructions on how to resolve the above error message(s).

Your computer passed the test, OVEE should work as intended!

Minimum system requirements:

    For best results, use latest browser versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari *

  • Safari OS: 10.10 + using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Windows OS: 7 + using Edge, Chrome, or Firefox
  • iPad/iPhone iOS: 10.3.3 + using Safari, Chrome or Firefox
  • Android OS: 6+, using Chrome
  • Windows 7 operating systems must use Firefox or Chrome (latest version download) as Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported

  • * Safari 11+ users must set video to "allow all auto-play" for ovee.itvs.org website via Safari Preferences

For technical support, please email ovee.support@itvs.org.